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German developer of tracking camera system for rocket launching is looking for commercial agents, distributors and licensees abroad

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The German company develops innovative solutions in the field of camera stabilising technology. Its non-motorised, mobile tracking device (camera seat) has been developed and applied for the tracking, analysing and videotaping of rocket launches. The company is looking for commercial agents, distributors and licensees who locate potential customers and end users and market and distribute the product in military and aerospace industries of their home markets.

Offer description

The German company's technology is based on a successfully applied low profile camera seat that has been designed for all low shooting camera positions at outdoor broadcasts such as football, tennis or athletics but also for studio use. Among the customers are major international sports associations and broadcasting companies. By some adaptation the German inventor created a mobile tracking camera seat which is applied for the tracking, analysis and videotaping of rocket launches allowing tilt angles up to 90° and panning over 360°. The product has already been successfully used for several rocket launches. An adjustable and stable telescopic or fixed center column allows working above head level while operators look in their viewfinders at eye level. The viewfinder swivels simoultaneously with the seat and automatically stays always in the operator‘s view. It is possible to operate a single camera as well as an array of different cameras. The center column is delivered in any desired fix height. Adjustable heights are accomplished by a telescopic column with an integrated gear box operated manually or electrically. The product allows independent movement of camera and seat, on the same axis. Two patented features are part of this system. As the company is interested in distributing the product abroad they are looking for a distributor or a commercial agent whith a focus on aerospace or military industry. They are also ready to offer to the potential partner a product license.

Innovations and advantages

Due to simplified technological applications this mobile tracking camera seat avoids costs for maintenance of hydraulics or electrical devices, which are normally necessary with such equipment. In addition to the fact that the tracking system is easy to use and maintain, the following operational characteristics are important advantages. Contrary to other camera seats this product is not directly connected to the camera column. Hence, no shock motions are transmitted from the operator to the camera. The unlinked rotation on the same axis also avoids unwanted movement of the camera while moving the seat. This model comes with a sealed, high precision center bearing, which provides gentle and steady rotation combined with a steady friction allowing smooth panning. Comprehensive testing proved high durability even under extreme conditions in terms of temperature and mechanical impact. Maintenance is reduced to almost zero. In addition, its central cable feeding allows movement over 360°.

Current stage of development

The product has already been successfully used for several rocket launches.

Technology keywords

01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
01006001 Audiovisual Equipment and Communication
09004 Recording Devices

Market application codes

01005002 Satellite ground (and others) equipment
01006005 Other communications (not elsewhere classified)
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual property rights

Patents granted

Preferred countries

Brazil, China, France, India, Israel, Japan, Russian Federation, South Korea, USA

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Area of partner's activity

The potential partners should be key players on their markets and have a proven track record in working with the military and/or aerospace industry. The German company is looking for partners who locate customers and end users and provide advice to them. They should be able to market the mobile tracking camera seat in the military and aerospace industry of their countries. Partners should be companies, irrespective of size, that will act as commercial agents, distributors or licensees for the mobile tracking camera seat on their respective market. Commercial agents will be continuously entrusted to negotiate and conclude business in their home markets on behalf of the German company. This activity should be performed on a self-employed and commercial basis. Partners for a distribution agreement are expected to market and distribute the product on their markets. Usually they will also provide a range of services - such as product information, technical support and after-sales services - to customers. Within the framework of a licence agreement partners could also been granted a licence to use and market the German company's product. All intellectual rights protecting the given technology or product will be licensed for a certain period of time and a certain geographical area.


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