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German company specialised in electronic measurement systems is looking for trade intermediary services

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A German electrical engineering company specialised in development and manufacturing of electronic measurement systems for the transportation industry (railways, trams, buses) is looking for trade intermediary services (sales partners, distributors or commercial agents). Companies with good contacts in the railway sector are sought. They are looking for partners from Scandinavia, Russia, Turkey and USA, but also in other Network countries.

Offer description

The German engineering company constructs electronic measurement systems for the transportation industry. Their product range comprises of meters for rail, tram and bus, wheel-measuring equipment, individualized measuring systems as well as test equipment and gauges. The family-owned company has been a reliable partner of railway companies, transport enterprises, testing institutes, large-scale enterprises, small firms as well as engineer's offices for more than 20 years. They dispose of best references, also international. For their door closing force gauge - an electronic system for measuring and evaluating the closing force of railway, tram and bus doors they are looking for a distribution partner or for a commercial agency. The intermediary should be active in the railway industry, already with contacts in this business. The intermediary can also be a supplier or distributor of electronics. They are furthermore looking for companies in the field of automatic doors, bus bodies as well as for operators of buses, trams and trains.

Innovations and advantages

The door closing force gauge manufactured according to DIN EN 14752:2015. Special features: - Measuring range: 50 N to 700 N, Force level 1: Standard doors, Force level 2: for high traffic density - Measuring accuracy: Forces up to 100 N: ± 3 N, Forces higher than 100N: ± 3 % from value - Spacer for different doorways with quick-release mechanism for quick adaption (opening width: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 mm and on requirement) - Robust hand-held computer Psion Workabout Pro with colour display, protection class IP 65 - Allows input of tester name, job number, vehicle number, vehicle running performance (mileage), notes, signature (touchscreen), number of doors, door name and door type with the corresponding limit values - Display of peak force, duration of closing procedure and lag of the door´s reversing. Optical and acoustic signals if critical value is exceeded - Special measurement for doors with an temporary force impulse at the beginning of closing process - Measuring process can be interrupted and be restarted later - The measurement report can be viewed directly after a vehicle measurement on the handheld computer - Display of measurement data from the last measurement (LM) - Data transfer into PDF, Excel or Mdb-format - Display of the closing curve diagrams in the measurement protocol possible - Multiple usage of the handheld computer The company is constantly developing and is able to respond rapidly and flexibly to the customer needs. They offer high tech devices with latest technology and high quality.

Technology keywords

01002003 Electronic engineering
02009009 Sensors for cars and transport
02009018 Measurement devices
09001009 Sensor Technology related to measurements
09003 Electronic measurement systems

Market application codes

03004003 Other electronics related equipment
08002002 Industrial measurement and sensing equipment
09001005 Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
09003001 Engineering services
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Preferred countries

Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, USA

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for an industry or business partner acting as an active sales partner / distributor / agent. The partner should already dispose of good contacts in the railway industry. The partner can also be a supplier and distributors of electronics. The task of the potential partner is the distribution of the door closing force gauge. A reliable partner for a long-ship cooperation is sought. They are furthermore looking for companies in the field of automatic doors, bus bodies as well as for operators of busses, trams and trains in order to establish contacts in the sector. The company is looking for distribution/sales partners with knowledge about railway industry and good contacts in the sector.


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