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German company offers services like fire protection consultancy, fire protection design and fire testing in the framework of a service agreement

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The German company is active in the field of fire protection consultancy, fire protection design and fire testing. In addition to fire testing the company also focuses on fire engineering. They offer their services in the framework of a service agreement or an outsourcing agreement.

Offer description

The German SME is a specialized consultant and engineering company regarding fire protection consultancy, fire protection design and fire testing. They offer a wide range of services for different kind of infrastructures: Rail service The company is specialized in fire safety aspects for all kinds of rolling stock, e.g. locomotives, light rail vehicles, double deck coaches and special rail vehicles. The reference list covers 1000 vehicles within the last eight years. Building service The building services cover normal and high risk buildings and buildings with various architectural requirements. Normal buildings refer to applications that are well covered by fire standards and normal designs. High risk buildings are applications that have at least one part that is not covered by fire standards. Alternatively, buildings may contain elements that need higher protection than that offered by fire standards and architectural requirements set design objectives that require non-standard solutions. Buildings like this with their high demands are a speciality of the German company by providing efficient and cost-effective fire protection solutions. Concert halls, theatres, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, laboratories, storage facilities and in particular listed buildings are typical examples of the sphere of competence of the companies building services. Tunnel and metro services The company specializes in particular in complete metro systems, including all elements – tunnels, stations and trains. Road, rail, metro – each has its own specific requirements that must be taken into account during the fire safety design phase. Road tunnels typically have very high design fire scenarios, rail tunnels have more complex ventilation designs, and metro systems have to deal with the evacuation of high numbers of passengers. The company has carried out over 200 full scale tunnel fire tests with very severe fire loads and scenarios. Many of the tests have been part of large European research programs. Modular, flexible & transportable measuring systems The company has at their disposal modular, flexible and transportable measuring systems that allow them to carry out on-site assignments at almost any place in the world. With those systems at hand they are in a position to provide the complete range of their portfolio, from full scale fire and smoke testings, CFD simulations to laboratory tests. All services are already established on the market. Due to steady enlargement of the product portfolio they achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. The customers are private institutions (e.g. listed in DowJones and DAX) and companies as well as the public sector. Numerous hotels (worldwide), various industrial applications (e.g. printing machines, belt conveyor), nuclear power plants, and rail vehicles are other applications where the company has done extensive research since 2008. The company's international co-operation network covers numerous major fire safety research organisations and approval bodies. Its key personnel also work on various standardisation committees such as - EN/DIN - National Fire Protection Association (NFPA750, NFPA502) - European Norms (EN45545) - TÜV - STUVA - IWMA, International Water Mist Association - ITA-COSUF, Committee on Operational Safety of Underground Facilities. The company is looking for engineering companies, which would like to outsource the planning, development or simulation of fire protection concepts for construction projects. They also offer consulting services in the framework of a service agreement to architects or construction engineers in the planning phase of a project.

Innovations and advantages

The company is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, referring to fire tests with water based fixed fire-fighting systems in e.g. tunnels/underground infrastructure, storage areas, engine rooms and in rolling stock. The company works in various standardization committees such as EN/DIN and NFPA and has carried out fire and smoke tests in countries including Germany, the UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Czech, China, India, Japan, Brazil and the US. The company’s approach to solving tasks is backed by a huge database with a vast number of fire and smoke testing results and huge experience.

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The company maintains a large database of its conducted fire tests that are the basis for the company’s approach to different tasks.

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The future partner is expected to need consulting services (service agreement) regarding fire protection. Architects or construction engineers who need consulting during the planning process of a project are sought. They are also offering their services within the framework of an outsourcing agreement to construction companies that need experts on the planning, the development or the simulation of fire protection concepts for construction projects.


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