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Genomics, DNA sequencing, gene expression & next-generation sequencing for services agreements

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A Spanish biotechnology laboratory specialised in advanced nucleic acids technologies, offers expertise and equipment for all phases of different genomic studies, from experimental design to data analysis. They are looking for partners interested in services agreements.

Offer description

The Spanish biotechnology laboratory provides research, analysis and genetic diagnosis services performed by highly qualified personnel in a state of the art laboratory. They are specialised in: - DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sequencing. - DNA fragment analysis: Microsatellites/STR (short tandem repeats) genotyping and AFLP/RFLP (amplified or restriction fragment length) fragment analysis. Specific applications as human identification or MLPA(multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification) analysis of genomic deletions/insertions. - Quantitative PCR(polymerase chain reaction): Gene expression analysis. SNPs(single nucleotide polymorphisms) genotyping. Specific organisms detection and quantification. - DNA Microarrays Technology: Manufacturing of DNA microarrays. Global gene expression profiling with microarray solution technology and custom microarrays. Other microarray applications. Pyrosequencing: Methylation and genotyping studies. - Next Generation Sequencing, including: DNA based sequencing:Shot-gun sequencing, complete genome sequencing; metagenomic analysis; targeted re-sequencing, exome sequencing. RNA (ribonucleic acid) Based-sequencing: Gene Expression Profiling, targeted RNA sequencing, Normalized RNA sequencing Other: ChIP-sequencing (chromatin immunoprecipitation), Amplicon sequencing, sequency-based DNA methylation analysis. They are looking for companies or institutions working in biotechnology or biomedical areas with specific needs on genomics analysis, or for co-development of specific aspects of the methodologies and processes analysis The envisaged cooperation is under services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The main advantages are their expertise and high quality services as well as high-level technologies. They offer a range of support services to research: technologies, equipment and qualified personnel, all under the ISO 9001 certification They provide high value added services to the public and private scientific community by developing new methodologies applied to different fields of research.

Technology keywords

06002005 Genetic Engineering
06003001 Bioinformatics
06003002 Gene Expression, Proteom Research
06003003 Population genetics

Market application codes

04001001 Agricultural genetic engineering applications
04001003 Medical genetic engineering applications
04003 Gene Splicing and Manufacturing Equipment
04004 Other Genetic Engineering

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Area of partner's activity

The partners required are mainly academics/research institutions and clinical/pharmaceutical laboratories working in biotechnology or biomedical areas with analytical needs, or for involvement in co-development of specific aspects of the methodology and process analysis with special requirements on genomic analysis where the laboratory is expert and is the key partner to support and complete the researchs. The partner envisaged should be interested in collaborations under services agreements.


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