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Genome-based clinical decision support system is seeking for commercial or joint venture partnerships with clinical units

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Portuguese SME developer of a disruptive, genome-based clinical decision support system is looking for partners (hospitals and clinics) interested in testing, improving and adapting the system to their needs. The platform is the first to give physicians actionable information on prescription, diagnosis and prognosis in the context of a regular medical appointment, without need for research or deep knowledge of genetics. Commercial agency agreements/joint venture agreements are considered.

Offer description

The Portuguese start-up has developed a genome based clinical decision support system targeted to everyday use by physicians of any specialty and is now looking for partners interested in commercial agency agreements or joint venture agreements. The system works through standardized genome queries concerning diseases and therapies in various clinical specialties (ex. cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, etc.) and uses a physician-friendly approach that is ultra-secure and very scalable to the level of entire hospitals. The system uses genome information of the patient and rapidly produces genome query reports that facilitate more accurate clinical decision regarding that specific patient. The company and its product are shifting the paradigm in global healthcare by turning medical decision based on each patient’s individual genome into part of a routine medical practice. The company is creating a “new” market, and has chosen as first points of entry the German, Israeli, Brazilian, Estonian, Portuguese and Finnish healthcare systems. The personalized diagnostic and therapeutic market is estimated in 42 billion USD and the genetic testing market is estimated in 60 billion USA. At this stage, as part of its international deployment strategy the company is looking for partners interested in testing, improving, adapting and deploying the system which can be done through a joint-venture agreement. The Portuguese SME needs to partner with top-tier hospitals aiming to be at the forefront of digital health innovation, and with highly skilled medical doctors of any specialty where the genetic makeup of patients is relevant (no need for deep knowledge of genetics) for these reasons the company is looking for potential partners that are willing to represent their solution in foreign markets through a commercial agency agreement. The genome-based decision support system developed by the company does not need local installation and it can be accessed from anywhere through any internet browser.

Innovations and advantages

Although genome sequencing is becoming affordable and the knowledge about how genes influence our health keeps piling up everyday, truly personalized medicine is not yet a reality. The reasons are:1) access by physicians to their patients genetic information is typically slow and expensive; 2) access to genetic information cannot take place in the timeframe of a regular medical appointment. The system developed is novel: -It has been developed with doctors for doctors–any doctor (no expertise in genetics required). Currently the genome-based support system is in the hands of more than 20 key opinion leader physicians from 5 countries and 10 different specialties, in both large public hospitals and specialized private clinics -It can work with whole-genome or exome analysis and with targeted gene panels too. All relevant genetic information from a patient (eventually epigenetic, transcriptome, methylome and cancer genomes) can be stored once, at the time of first sequencing or analysis, then becoming amenable to be used by the system repeatedly, without need for further sequencing for years or decades -It is a simple tool with pre-structured, validated answers for each genetic variant (or combinations of these), permanently updated and growing in number (in back-office). There is no need to stop or slow down patient flow, nor to do “research” to answer each question -The system is extremely flexible. It can work with any sequencing technology, can be adapted to different legal or ethical requirements (informed consents, etc.), and can use data stored in various places – cloud, hospital servers, etc -The system uncouples the genome sequencing from the medical query, offering sequencing at a low cost, leading users to want to use their genomic information via paid queries, which is where the company generates revenue -It allows the accumulation of massive new genotype-phenotype relationships, without any significant additional effort by the doctor.

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for hospitals and clinics that would like to provide their physicians with a genome based decision support system designed to improve decision relevant and accuracy, save costs, and contribute to better healthcare. The Portuguese SME is interested in establish a commercial agency agreement or joint ventures agreements.


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