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French technical center, specialized in corrosion, bio-corrosion and marine corrosion, offers its services to industrialists.

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A French technical center specialized in corrosion, with a focus on marine corrosion, bio-corrosion and biofouling, is proposing its services to industrialists worldwide. Under services agreements, it offers its expertise to study all kind of corrosion failures and advises industrials on how to reduce maintenance costs by increasing safety and sustainability for facilities. It is also interested in participating in EU research and innovation projects focusing on corrosion.

Offer description

A French associative technical center expert in corrosion, particularly in marine corrosion and bio-corrosion, but also in biofouling, is proposing its services to industrials from all sectors dealing with corrosion issues: energy (oil, gas, nuclear, MRE (Marine Renewable Energy), port, shipbuilding, yachting, food-processing industry, building and public work, water treatment,…etc. Its multidisciplinary team gathers specialists (PHD, engineers and technicians) able to assess and study all aspects of corrosion phenomena in France and abroad. Answering to its partners’ requests, the center provides physico-chemical and microbiological analysis as well as corrosion and bio-corrosion assessments on all metallic materials and alloys on field or in lab. The assessment focuses on the inspection of the facilities and on the review of the commissioning, the operating procedures and the maintenance of the failed system. It allows to identify the causes of the corrosion damages and to recommend corrective actions. After analyzing and assessing, a detailed report is produced, gathering all analyses results, expert’s conclusions and advice to increase the lifespan and the security of the facilities and systems. The center helps industrials to select the most suitable metallic materials, assembling and anticorrosion method for their project. It also evaluates the risks related to these choices. Recommendations made by the center are based on corrosion and bio-corrosion assays carried out for testing the protection systems efficacy (coating, biocide, cathodic protection)…All tests are standardized according to norms (ASTM, ISO, NACE) but can also be customized according to partners’ requirements. The center is equipped with a large range of facilities, such as metallographic lab, physicochemical lab, microbiological lab, testing loop in renewed environment and an industrial loop continuously supplied in natural seawater. It also provides monitoring and innovation services. Thanks to a technical intelligence observatory, the center highlights scientific information, techniques and best practices in the corrosion fields. Thanks to its free watch platform, partners can keep in touch with innovative products, processes and services, rules and standards, industrial property and patents…, etc. The technical center is offering its services to industrialists worldwide who need to get advised regarding their corrosion issues. It also participates in collaborative R&D and innovation projects on marine corrosion and would be open to join European consortia for new projects.

Innovations and advantages

The technical center has a unique know-how in accelerated corrosion. After many years of R&D projects, it is now able to recreate accelerated MIC (Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion) in laboratory. This skill makes the center able to qualify the sturdiest materials, the most efficient anticorrosion and antifouling protection system and the most effective biocide, according to its partners’ requirements. Thanks to its different testing loops, the French center also recreates its partners’ operating conditions from samples taken from their facilities, this in order to be as close as possible from the real operating situation and to answer to a personal issue. Its aim is to have a better understanding of corrosion phenomena and find the better way to counter it. Internal R&D projects and innovation monitoring allow the technical center of being ahead of its time, face to corrosion phenomena.

Technology keywords

06002008 Microbiology
09001003 Chemical material testing
09001008 Other Non Destructive Testing
09006001 Quality Standards
09006002 Technical Standards

Market application codes

06001001 Exploration services
06001002 Production services
06001004 Equipment and instrumentation
06002004 Hydro-electric
06003004 Marine energy

Comments, number and date of patent

The technical center is developing internal R&D projects to innovate in the way to study corrosion phenomena.

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Type of partner sought

The French technical center is proposing services to any industrialists facing corrosion issues and willing to improve their systems in terms of materials and protective solutions used. The center is also interested in joining European consortia for R&I projects.


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