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French supplier and leader of street furniture and urban equipment seeks distribution agreements

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A French company, leader in distribution of environmentally friendly street furniture and urban equipment, suitable for disabled and accessible to all, seeks new distributors who want to enlarge their range of products or need this type of equipments for their public or private structures.

Offer description

A dynamic French supplier has become a leader in distribution of seating and street furniture and urban equipment. The company focuses on innovation, accessibility, disability, conviviality aspects regarding its products. Its priorities are to gather people and to avoid stigmatization, thanks to its urban furniture and equipments. It is particularly attentive to improve the comfort of seniors, disabled people, children, adults, and to gather all sorts of people in the same leisure space or public area. The company offers environmentally friendly solutions in urban development regarding different environmental fields, spaces, public areas, such as: cities, public gardens and spaces, industrial buildings, leisure games areas, houses, exteriors of companies, hospitals, clinics, healthcare and retirement centers, institutions for disabled, etc. The company mainly distributes these following types of urban equipments: benches, bicycle parkings, tables, hygienic public toilets, bicycle sheds, garden sheds, seating furniture, etc. The range of products is wide and presents a very high quality. The urban equipment is made of concrete, metal, stone, wood with a modern look that blends with the landscape. The company has been developing for several years a reliable and long term business partnership with experienced manufacturers of street and seating furniture, urban equipment in Belgium, Netherlands. It now wants to enlarge its markets and increase its turnover and is looking for new distributors working with both the private and public sectors.

Innovations and advantages

The company is the leader in accessibility markets and seating furniture. It has developed a reliable and in a long term technical partnership with an international French group for the installation of urban equipments. Moreover, it has recently launched 2 other technical partnerships in France for the settlement of equipments and technical assistance on sites. All the equipments have a very good quality/price ratio, are robust and designed with a neat and fashionable aesthetic. Brands, logos, names of cities, companies, institutions, clients, can be engraved on the urban equipments. The company is involved in innovative and environmentally friendly street furniture, from the design to the marketing and distribution. All the products are certified for their security, their adaptability to disabled people, all publics, end users, such as: children, adults, seniors, disabled with wheel chairs or equipped with other medical devices. The company focuses its innovation and design on different aspects of its equipments: accessibility, security, hygiene, intergenerational environment. Elsewhere, the equipments were designed to allow all publics to enjoy moments of rest and fun together. The company received, in 2014, a regional price for the creation of its enterprise, regarding the parity women/men and diversity aspects. The manager was rewarded for its anti-discrimination efforts. Elsewhere, the association of Paralysed of France in a regional city of Franche-Comté has successfully tested the urban furniture and equipments of the French company.

Technology keywords

06001008 Environmental Medicine, Social Medicine, Sports Medicine
06001023 Medical Furniture
11005 Infrastructures for social sciences and humanities
11007 Sports and Leisure
11008 Creative services

Market application codes

07001002 Amusement and recreational facilities
07001005 Sport facilities (gyms and clubs)
07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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Type of partner sought

The French company wants to distribute its seating and street furniture, urban equipment to all partners who need this type of equipment in their environmental structure, city, garden, exterior spaces, public or private park, hotel, restaurant, playground, school, hospital, clinic, retirement center, healthcare center, public buildings adapted to receive disabled... Private and public sectors are sought but not particulars. The company prefers working with partners who respect the environment and social aspects and who want to use or install very secure and hygienic urban equipments.


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