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French startup seeks distributors for innovative solution to maintain parent-child relationship during early neo-natal separations

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A French start-up has developed a patented audio video technological solution enabling parents to maintain visual and verbal contact with their hospitalised new-borns at the maternity ward and at home. The solution is already on the market and the company is looking for international distributors specialised in the health and medical sectors in order to provide hospitals and clinics with the solution.

Offer description

The French young SME created in 2015 is specialised in ICT solutions for well-being. It has developed a patented technological solution allowing maintaining bonds between parents and babies during early neonatal separations. The solution makes parents able to see and to speak to their babies thanks to a non-intrusive audio video solution. The objective is to facilitate a traumatic event for the baby and for the parents. Moreover clinical studies have proved that when a mother is separated from her baby, she produces less milk, when she can see her baby, she produces more milk. Thanks to a pastille positioned on the outside surface of the incubator, parents receive high definition images of their baby on their tablets or computers. The system also makes parents able to speak to their baby thanks to micro-vibrations projected inside the incubator. The solution can be used inside hospitals when mothers have undergone a caesarean and are not able to move. It can be used by parents at home if they are not able to visit their babies regularly. A secure authentication ID is provided to parents. It gives access and manages the transmission between the camera attached to the incubator and the computer. It also can be used by medical professionals willing to communicate with the parents. Finally, if the baby is transferred from a hospital to another one, medical professionals from both hospitals can communicate among themselves. The system is certified EMC standard N60601-1-2-1. The French start-up is looking for distributors abroad specialised in the medical sector in order to provide hospitals with the solution. It is interested in distribution services agreements.

Innovations and advantages

The innovation leans on the non-intrusive character of the technology. An audio pastille based system is positioned on the outside surface of the baby incubator. The pastille emits micro vibrations in order to project the mother’s voice inside the incubator. Moreover the system only requires a network socket; no electric connection is used in the neonatal setting. The plug and play system is easy to use and can be adapted on every incubators.

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Area of partner's activity

The partners sought should be distributors of well-being and medical devices able to disseminate the solution in neonatal services in hospitals and clinics. The French SME is interested in distribution services agreements especially in the United-States, Canada and Germany because the market outside frontiers responds very well and quickly. However it remains interested by others offers. The company is looking for international distributors having close links with the medical sector and able to deploy the solution in hospitals abroad.


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