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French specialist of fancy vegetable creations seeks distribution agreements

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A French company, specialized in the creation of premium vegetable side dishes in individual portions for restaurants and caterers, is looking for new trade representatives in Europe. Distribution services agreements are sought.

Offer description

The French company, based in the Landes of Gascony, South West of France, was launched in 2005 by a caterer from the Basque country, and an agri-food engineer with more than 20 years experience, in order to provide a solution to the lack of innovation in the vegetable side-dish sector. The company offers premium vegetable side dishes in individual portions for restaurants and caterers. All specialties are cooked with fresh vegetables according to authentic recipes which maintain texture and genuine taste to these innovative products. As starters or side dishes, these original and savory preparations are of simple use: from the freezer to the oven and from the oven to the plate. Thanks to gourmet recipes ready to be served and to be customized, customers have a complete control of all their costs (supplies and labor costs). The company’s product range includes courgette rolls, piquillo peppers, vegetables tatin tarts, vegetables crumbles, vegetables tians, harlequin and millefeuille, potato & vegetables products, vegetables gratins, vegetables rolls. Flavor is a combination of taste and pleasure. Thanks to their know-how, the company’s young and dynamic team creates aesthetic forms and new visuals for vegetables. The product range, which is 100% handmade in France, is constantly evolving in order to anticipate and even create new trends. Thanks to the creativity and focus of the whole team, the company is constantly developing and innovating in order to create decorative visuals, original concepts and modern forms. The French company is now looking for new trade representatives in Europe. Distribution services agreements are sought.

Innovations and advantages

The French company’s products bring sophistication and colours to restaurant & caterers meals. Its goal is to be the reference in the professional realm of individual cooked vegetables portions. Bearing that in mind, the French team follows a differentiation strategy to create convenience, aesthetic and primarily manufactured products by hand. By continually listening to customers and staying in line with market trends, their R&D-team of 3 people (1 agrifood engineer and 2 professional cooks) is working on a daily basis to find new taste sensations and combinations. In order to perfect their know-how, a culinary advisor awarded “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” supports the R&D-team with his unique culinary expertise. By looking for the latest technology developments, they are able to offer customers a broad range of raw materials obtained through very careful selection of our suppliers, packagings and materials at the forefront of innovation and above all, to anticipate consumption trends. Showing flexibility and responsiveness to customers, most of their creations are made-to-measure developments. The French cooks really are designers of « product solutions » and base their tailor-made developments on a real partnership with our customers by achieving their satisfaction. Their know-how is widely recognized and has forged their credibility among the main actors of the gastronomy and foodservice distribution industry. Focused on authenticity and healthiness, they develop their specialties mostly from fresh ingredients, without conservative agents, coloring agents, artificial flavors or hydrogenated fats.

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Area of partner's activity

The French company is looking for B2B trade representatives who could address the restaurants & caterers markets in their own countries. Full logistic & transportation would be taken care of.


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