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French producer of 100% apple and fruit juices and natural sparkling fruit juices is looking for trades intermediaries

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This French enterprise is an established agrofood actor in its region. It offers its range of 100 % natural sparkling apple juices. It also proposes its wide variety of “normal” natural juices. The enterprise wants to cooperate through commercial agency and distribution services agreements worldwide.

Offer description

This enterprise is a renowned agrofood producer of the West of France. It has gained fame since 2001 thanks to the local natural juices it commercializes regionally as well as internationally. The enterprise already trades with clients settled in Spain, Sweden and China. The company offers its innovative variety of natural sparkling juices. All the apples used in the production of the juices are certified “Val de Loire”, which guarantees their local provenience. The following combinations of sparkling juices are proposed : - 100% apple (rewarded by gold medal at the 2014 “Concours Général Agricole”) - Apple & grape (60% of apple, 40 of French grape) - Apple & strawberry (85% of apple, 15% of French or Spanish strawberry) - Apple & raspberry (92% of apple, 8% of French raspberry) - Apple & lemon (98% of apple, 2% of Corsican of Spanish lemon) - Apple & grapefruit (64% of apple, 36% of French and Spanish grapefruit) The sparkling juices are packaged in glass bottles similar to Champagne bottles, that can be of 20 ; 27,5 (small sizes) ; or 75 (normal size) centilitres. The non-sparkling juices are packaged in 1 litre glass bottles. All the sparkling juices have been granted for 2015 a “Flavour of the Year” award. Those products are to be served as aperitifs or accompanying a gourmet desert. The enterprise also proposes a variety of “normal” juices, whether being 100% apple-made or combined with other fruits (prune, grape, kiwi, quince or rhubarb). The company wants to cooperate with commercial agents and distributors in order to expand its commercial network worldwide. It can sell its products either being branded or non-branded, and has the ability to assume logistics.

Innovations and advantages

This enterprise already has experience of transnational cooperation, having cooperated with trade intermediaires in countries such as Sweden, Spain and China. It has the ability to ship its products to such countries, which is a guarantee for future partners that the enterprise is fully reliable. The enterprise has been granted several awards on the French territory in the past two years (gold and silver medals at the “Concours Général Agricole”, 2015 “Flavor of the Year”), that made its products gain a certain renown that will be a solid advantage for future trade partners willing to distribute the enterprises’ products. Moreover, the sparkling juices represent a new consumer experience on the agrofood market, which is likely to give its distributors / commercial agents a competitive advantage over their competitors. Being consumed whether as aperitifs or with a desert, they address a growing market of consumers identifying those juices as festive drinks thanks to their bubbles, but at the same time valuing them for their alcohol-free feature. The commercial agents and distributors will finally enjoy the advantages of trading totally allergen-free, gluten-free, 100% natural products, made from local-certified apple species. Those are to be strong marketing arguments that the end consumer is likely to appreciate. The future partners are offered the possibility to buy the enterprise’s products whether being branded or non-branded. The champagne bottle-like packaging is another marketing argument to attract the end consumers. Finally, the enterprise has registered trademarks for the European Union and China.

Market application codes

07003 Food and Beverages
07003002 Health food
07003003 Soft drinks and bottling plants

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Area of partner's activity

The enterprise is looking for buyers worldwide in order to expand its commercial network: commercial agents or distributors. It is expected from the future partners to have experience in the agrofood sector. Exclusivity can be negotiated depending on the geographical area covered by the partner.


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