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French Polynesian producer of vanilla seeks distributors in European countries

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A French Polynesian company based in Tahiti is looking for distributors in European countries. This firm is a grower, curer, manufacturer and exporter of vanilla tahitensis beans, vanilla powder and vanilla absolute. These types of vanilla are superior quality product and really well-known by famous cooks and considered as luxury products. The firm already sells through a website and has an office in USA.

Offer description

The firm is family owned founded and based in Tahiti and dedicated to the cultivation of vanilla. Products: It is specialized in high quality vanilla tahitensis bean which are exclusively grown in French Polynesia. Its plantations are located both on Vanilla Island on Tahaa and the main island. Products are prepared under strict quality controls. Vanilla is sold in three forms: - Vanilla beans are available in 1kg vacuum packed bags, between 200-220 beans per bags. - Vanilla powder is available in sealed 1kg and is often used as an alternative to vanilla extract. - Then Vanilla absolute is available in 1L glass bottle. Vanilla absolute if the most concentrated form of vanilla, 1L corresponds to approximatively 500L of vanilla extract. The primary aromatic constituents of Vanilla Tahitensis are : - Alcohols - Aldehydes - Acids - Vanillin - Heliotropin Cooperation: The Tahitian firm is looking for distributors in Europe because it already sells in United States and the company masters the techniques of international commerce. The company may be able to negotiate exclusivity on the market of the new partner. The company is specialized in large shipment. Certificate of origin and a government issued phytosanitary certificate customarily accompany all shipment.

Innovations and advantages

Advantages of the products: Tahitian vanilla is considered to be a gourmet product with a well-rounded, rich but delicate flavor and aroma. The company offers to its customer high quality vanilla, without chemicals, and in compliance with government regulations. Vanilla Tahitensis is hand raised in rich organic humus in lush valleys with the perfect combination of humidity, sun and shade. It is oilier, much plumper with many more seed per bean. This variety is smooth, shiny texture. There are producers of Vanilla Tahitensis elsewhere, but the differences in soil, climate and growing techniques produce a less desirable product. In fact, it is less aromatic. Real Tahitian vanilla is the choice of chef and bakers worldwide. Advantages of the company: The Tahitian Company packs its own products and can deliver worldwide. It takes great pride in its family tradition of expertise, and in providing the finest quality vanilla Tahitensis beans and products at competitive prices. The vanilla powder and absolute are prepared under strict quality controls. The Tahitian Company is the second grower and recipient of the coveted “Certificate of Preparer of Vanilla” granted by the French government. This means that it is one of the very few growers allowed to also cure beans from Tahiti. Its facilities are FDA registered.

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The company is looking for distributors in European countries (France, United Kingdom…), because the firm already sells through a website and has an office in United States. Distributors can use it as raw materials but also as finish products. If distributors sell it as raw materials, they can be restaurants owners, ice cream makers, restaurants in hotels, bakeries. If distributors sell it as finished products, they can be for example grocer’s shops luxuries or specialized shops for chefs. Tahitian vanilla can also interest cosmetics companies as raw materials because it has great cosmetics properties.


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