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French Polynesian manufacturer of natural and traditional cosmetics and body care products is looking for European and Northern American distributors.

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A pharmacist passionated by traditional medicine has created in French polynesia his company of parapharmaceutical dermo-cosmetic and soap products. The manufacture is done locally which allows the integration of a wide variety of essences and plants extracts.Since 2006, the company exports worldwide and, in 2012, a sideline business was created in France, thus enabling a more efficient promotion in Europe. The company is looking for distributors in Europe and America (USA, Canada).

Offer description

The Tahitian company manufactures and distributes its own products but wishes to expand its distribution network. Products: The entire production is made locally since the creation of the firm, so this process generates large profits for native workers and permits to use the best raw materials. That is why the company has the possibility to diversify the products by using a variety of essences and Polynesian plant extracts (Tiare, frangipani, grapefruit, vanilla, Tamanu, noni …). Their products have numerous properties for hair and skin, and are usually used in the beauty, sports and health sectors. A range of 5 cosmetic lines of finished products is proposed: • Beauty products: oils, milks, creams, perfumes, shower gels, shampoos, repellents and hygiene products (soap, home fragrances, textiles softeners) ; • Luxury goods: bottles of body oils containing a real black pearl of Tahiti ; • Para-pharmacy products: hand gels, hair care products, massage oils ; • Cosmetics products for sports (surfing, rowing for the canoe) and massage oils ; • Urucum and Monoi oil-based cosmetics Cooperation type: The Tahitian company is looking for distributors. In fact, the company believes that its products can interest foreign people because tourists appreciate them and bring them back home. Visitors are mainly from Europe and North America. The potential distributor will find the accurate goods that would fit the needs of his market. For the European market, thanks to the office in France, the distributor will be supplied on time and quantity needed. Furthermore, meetings can be easily made in Europe for partnership details and products testing.

Innovations and advantages

The Tahitian company has a wide range of products from the "mass market" to “luxury" through innovative products and raw materials. They use only ingredients issued from the plants of Tahiti and her islands, and they follow three main principles: - Respect the environmental and societal conditions ; - Insure the sustainability of natural resources; - Develop analytical means, needed to guarantee the quality and the reproducibility of vegetable materials. Also, the brand becomes a guarantee of quality prized because it was settle by an owner who is a professional in the pharmaceutics sector. Also, those products are found in prestigious hotel structures on the island of Bora-Bora, luxury cruises boats, spas or even the Tahitian airline companies.

Market application codes

07004002 Health and beauty aids
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual property rights

Other (registered design, plant variety, etc)

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Type of partner sought

The Tahitian company is looking for distributors which already work in the cosmetics or hygiene sectors in the USA and Europe and who have contacts with the types of clients listed below. Different types of distributors can be interested because the Tahitian company sells a large range of products. Anyway, interested firms have up to 10 points of sales that sell finished products and raw materials (in fact, monoi can be used as a raw material for other products): - Spa can sell beauty products, luxury goods, para pharmacy products (massage oils); - Hypermarkets can be interested in beauty products; - Pharmacies can be interested by para-pharmacy products, cosmetic products for sports and urucum and monoi oil-based cosmetics; - Luxury hotels, boat cruises, airline companies can be interested in luxury goods (for first class) and normal beauty products.


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