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French manufacturer of high quality organic cosmetics seeks trade intermediaries

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A French company manufacturing and selling a top-of-the-range new glamorous and efficacious organic cosmetic brand is looking for sales agents and distributors all over Europe, USA, China, Asia, North Africa.

Offer description

A French company manufacturing and selling a new glamorous and efficacy organic cosmetic brand is looking for trade intermediaries (sales agents, distributors) all over Europe, USA, China, Asia, North Africa. They want to find reliable partners able to develop distribution of their upmarket products abroad. Final target are beauty parlors, spas and pharmacies. Their brand offers a new approach of organic cosmetic, which combines efficacy and glamour. Their personal care items are certified and top-of-the-range. All the products are designed, produced and packaged in France. The range is composed of face wash, moisturizing and anti-aging products in the form of creams, serums, masks or peel: make up remover, lotion nurishing care and eyes care products. Products are made from the finest natural ingredients proven by clinical testing. The French company uses in majority purely organic ingredients to formulate each product because organic ingredients are better absorbed by the skin: they use between 7 and 9 times more organic ingredients than required to obtain organic certification from Ecocert Charter. The French company’s cosmetics contain: 99% natural ingredients (compared to a minimum of 95% required by Ecocert), on average, 70% of ingredients are purely organic (compared to the minimum of 10% required by Ecocert), 1% of synthetic ingredients only (compared to a maximum of 5% required by Ecocert). The French company is interested in distribution services and sales agency agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The French company's products are recommended by the VIDAL, the French medical dictionary for physicians and pharmacists. They are recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Each skin care product they offer, are full of active organic ingredients and are proven to be effective in the anti-aging battle. The active formulas offered by the products are compatible with all skin types, even the most sensitive; offering immediate and lasting comfort. Highly concentrated in organic active agents, the skin care products offered by the French company goes far beyond the requirements of Ecocert certification: they use between 7 and 9 times more organic ingredients than required to obtain organic certification from Ecocert Charter and Qualité France.

Technology keywords

03004006 Organic Substances
03004007 Pharmaceutics
03004011 Care, Hygiene, Beauty

Market application codes

07004002 Health and beauty aids
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Type of partner sought

Sales agents or distributors specialised in cosmetic products. They are looking for reliable and well-established partners interested in developing distribution of their products in their country (sales agents or distributors) and who have a significant experience and access to the cosmetic upmarket in their country. Ideally, the potential partner should have contacts with the following final targets: beauty parlors, spas and pharmacies.


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