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French manufacturer of a unique and new system of liquid storage management in medical field and DNA analysis is looking for distribution and commercial agency agreements

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A French company specialised in laboratories and hospital diagnostics instruments has designed and manufactured a complete and unique range of systems for the liquid storage management of biological samples. It is looking for commercial agency and distribution agreements to increase its markets in foreign countries and to commercialize its new concept abroad.

Offer description

The French company designs and manufactures laboratory analysis devices in the fields of biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics, healthcare, agrofood, environment and chemistry. It has designed a new system to improve the liquid storage management and transport of biological, DNA samples. It looks for commercial agents and distributors capable to represent the French company abroad and able to introduce them to industrial companies, to small and medium analysis laboratories, hospitals, clinics, care centers, biobanks, clinical, serum, blood and cord blood banks, drug centers, all medical structures involved in healthcare, blood analysis, bio chem technologies, biotechnology, toxicology, DNA diagnostics, blood analysis, veterinary environment and safety testing. Currently, the company has developed reliable and in a long term distribution cooperations in different countries such as: Italy, Israel, Poland, Switzerland, South of Africa. This medical instrumentation is designed for small to medium size laboratories...including clinical, serum and blood banks, cord blood, diagnostics, drug centers, biotechnical, veterinary environment and safety testing laboratories. The company has developed a range of medical systems from feasibility study to small and medium series production of subassemblies and complete instruments. Based on proven experience in microtechnology, the company has acquired for many years a know-how and technological expertise resolutely focused on laboratory instrumentation. Its mission is to develop innovative products guaranteeing a high level of quality and reliability. Designed for small to mid-sized laboratories and hospitals to meet ever-increasing pressures on time and productivity, the system of management of samples provides complete, reliable liquid storage management of biological samples. The system of sample management is designed to fulfil all its clients' requirements for liquid sample management (-80°C) thanks to a complete range of products: - An automated liquid handling robot helps the end users to transfer their laboratory samples from the primary tubes to secondary tubes and plates, guaranteeing traceability and security. - A plate, with its integrated 2D barcode, together with the manager software, guarantees traceability using a positive identification methodology and efficient retrieval from the biobank.

Innovations and advantages

Advantages regarding the company: - security and traceability, productivity and flexibility. - free maintenance services. Elsewhere, the maintenance is easy: - air based aliquoting for minimum maintenance - easy access to internal components - custom software helps the technicians to perform rapid maintenance and calibration. Instrument is very reliable with a very high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). - existing systems of its clients can be optimized in their own organisation and accelerate their innovation, thanks to a strong expertise in the field of medical and DNA diagnostics and analysis. Moreover, the company can manufacture and commercialize the own products of its reliable partners. - precise documentation provided, in-depth technical assistance, advice and training, highly experienced maintenance services. - high proximity and confidence relationship. - long term and reliable cooperations with actual distributors. - qualified services adapted to its clients' certifications and requirements. Advantages of the sample management system: - designed to guarantee the traceability of samples, to ensure sample integrity, to improve tracking efficiency and finally to optimize freezer space in order to effectively manage the clients' biobank’s needs. - full lifecycle of a sample managed, from reception of the primary tubes to expiration or final analysis of the resulting aliquots. - refrigerator or freezer storage phase is also fully monitored. - save time in finding quickly the right location of samples through the storage software. - complete tracking and retrieval storage management.

Current stage of development

The company takes part of a cluster specialised in medical and healthcare sectors. It has launched in 2018 a wide regional research project linked to innovative drugs with 10 industrial companies and organisations.

Technology keywords

06002002 Cellular and Molecular Biology
06002005 Genetic Engineering
06002007 In vitro Testing, Trials
06002008 Microbiology
06002010 Toxicology

Market application codes

04008 Genetic Engineering
04015 Gene Expression, Proteome Research
05001001 Diagnostic services
05001003 Differential diagnosis
05001005 Molecular diagnosis

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Type of partner sought

Type of partners sought : Commercial agents and distributors involved in healthcare, bio chem technologies, DNA diagnostics, blood analysis, hospitals, clinics, analysis laboratories, care centers, biobanks sectors. This medical instrumentation proposed by the French company is perfectly adapted to end users involved in small to medium size laboratories, including clinical banks, serum banks, blood banks, cord blood, diagnostics, drug centers, biotechnical, toxicology, veterinary environment and safety testing laboratories. The role of the future partners: They will have to represent the French company in their own countries. They will be able to introduce them to clinical laboratories, healthcare centers, research centers and laboratories, medical analysis laboratories, medical centers specialised in the treatment of cancer diseases, universities, researchers specialised in cancer disease. Future commercial agents and distributors will have to help the company in increasing its turnover abroad, to access to new markets, to find new customers in a long term and reliable collaboration.



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