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French healthcare company designing and manufacturing medical devices in asthma and allergy fields seeks mainly distributors.

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A French SME specialising in pulmonary deposition of drugs (aerosol therapy) offers products such as spacers dedicated to fight against pathologies like asthma. The company has an international presence thanks to its partnerships with international opinion leaders. It is looking mainly for distribution services agreements worldwide but is open to other types of partnership opportunities.

Offer description

With a market of 400 million potential users of aerosols, this French healthcare company was created in 2004. It is a medical devices designer specialised in allergy, asthma and respiratory drug delivery. The goal is to provide patients the best solution (innovative and efficient) to fight against these pathologies. It is specialized in the manufacture of medical devices for asthma and allergy prescribed by many specialists: allergists, paediatricians and pulmonologists, etc. The research and development efforts aim to enable healthcare to be tailored more closely to patients’ needs. Working mainly with a French health institute for pulmonary aerosols deposition, the SME has developed a strong expertise in circuits and spacers for pMDI (principles of metered-dose inhaler design), nebulizers and ventilators circuits. The company products are: - Inhalation devices: the different products were designed to optimize the treatment and to improve compliance in asthma and respiratory diseases. Currently, the SME has three different spacers designed for different needs. The first one is a valved holding chamber which (thanks to its specific shape) optimizes the deposit of the right dose of medicine in the lower respiratory tract by protecting the mouth and the throat from side effects due to the inhalation of the particles. This spacer is the most efficient for children. The second one is a silicone asthma spacer specially designed to improve usability and compliance by ensuring reliably metered dosing. It is flexible, very easy to carry when folded. Besides, it is very safe, unbreakable and reusable. The third one is a spacer is a device aimed to improve respiratory drug deposition for ventilated patients in critical care. - Protections against allergens: dust-mite proof bed covers. The products are 100% natural cotton or synthetic and manufactured without any coating nor chemical dustmiticide. They totally encase bedding and close with a zip. The company focuses primarily on research and development as well as marketing. Indeed, the manufacturing of its different products is outsourced in France. The company has a strong international presence through its extensive network of distributors it has itself selected. However, the SME wants to expand further in the countries of northern Europe, Asia, South America and also North America. For information, the SME can be interested by other types of cooperations (for instance: joint venture, licence or manufacturing agreements).

Innovations and advantages

The SME is registered in the European database on medical devices and is also a member of French medical devices providers’ convention. All the products are manufactured under a quality system conforming to ISO 13485 that specifies the system requirements of quality management for medical device industry. They are CE marked. The SME has developed international partnerships, including research program, with both public and private organizations (hospital, industry, local authorities ...). These partnerships and the investment in research allowed the laboratory to generate several patents from 2009 to 2015. The company works with an international team of opinion leaders living on different continents. The SME has a high level of knowledge and expertise thanks also to its laboratory and market knowledge of the aerosol therapy. Besides, it reinvests 30% to 40% of its turnover in R&D. Finally, it selectively chooses its distributors and does not hesitate to travel to meet them in the purposes of training them. It also participated in numerous international exhibitions in which it outlines its products.

Current stage of development

The SME has invested about 30 % of its turnover in R&D for the past 3 years. Several patents are coming out every year as well. Some have already participated in improving the situation of many patients. The company is currently working on an aerosol that can measure the dose of medication inhaled. The information will be sent on smartphones or tablets so that the patient can have complete information about his medication. This tracker detects the drug sent in the spray and will be able to tell if the drug was inhaled or not.

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Type of partner sought

Even though developed in the international market, the company is looking for new distributors worldwide. It would expand its presence in Northern Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Partnerships with Italy, Germany, Spain, etc. can also be interested for the company. The company wants to find involved distributors (pediatric, pneumology, drugs laboratories, etc.) who will be supported and monitored by the company. The company offers its products, its knowledge of the market and its training. In return, distributors will have to show their investment and will have to communicate. Resource and results commitments are sought. The partners must have information on the health market and aerosol market (if possible) and should have a real value of commitment. Otherwise, the SME is also opened to others opportunities such as joint venture, licence or manufacturing agreements as a "gateway" and "point of contact" with the companies that could be interested in the business company. Ultimately, the aim is still to meet distributors.


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