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French company specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of electric heating solutions for the industry with a unique know-how in the heating of fluids is looking for commercial partners in Europe

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The French company is specialized in engineering and manufacturing industrial equipment for the heating of liquids, gases and solids. It has a recognized expertise in designing custom-made solutions for the heating and cooling of fluids. It offers a unique and patented concept for the heating of any kind of liquids. It is at the same time: modular, corrosion-proof, easy to use and available at a reasonable cost. They are looking for commercial agency and distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The French company’s design team supports its industrial customers from conceptual design and feasibility study throughout the life cycle of the equipment. All their products are developed in close collaboration with the customers and designed using the most powerful Computer Aided Design - CAD - software: Inventor 3D - Autocad 2D – 3D - SEE Electrical Expert. The French company offers the benefits of integrated in house manufacturing processes, using state of the art equipment: 4 axes CNC machining with 3D software, boring and milling machines, a stainless-steel welding workshop with TIG and MIG techniques (Tungsten-electrode Inert Gas and Metal Inert Gas welding), and has its own die cast aluminum foundry with in-house mold manufacturing. The company offers a wide product portfolio: - heater / reheater of any kind of liquid - heater / reheater of any kind of gas - steam generator - gas vaporizer - air duct heater - melter - load test bench - cast in heater - fluid temperature controller The French company is seeking for partners having needs in process heating, which could implement the heating solutions in industrial equipment, machinery or process. They are also looking for commercial agency and distribution services agreement with partners interested in enlarging their offer in industry machinery and equipment and introducing the French company’s concept to industries in his territory.

Innovations and advantages

The company offers a unique wear resistant and patented concept for the heating of any kind of liquids. Their challenge, as they started to work on the concept was to find out a heating device for fluids that should be at the same time modular, corrosion-proof, easy to use and at reasonable cost. The product is now available and already used in industry for many years. The product can easily be integrated in new or existing installation thanks to its considerable advantages : - 3 times more compact than conventional heaters - Corrosion proof and wear resistant - Precise temperature control - Versatile use with water oil, steam and hydrocarbons - Modular

Current stage of development

The product is mature and used in the industry since many years.

Technology keywords

04002005 Generators, electric engines and power converters
04002007 Heat pump
08001004 Food Processing

Market application codes

06001003 Drilling, completion and stimulation
06001005 Storage and transportation
08001006 Processes for working with plastics
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
09003001 Engineering services

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Area of partner's activity

The partner may whether use the French company’s solutions directly in its equipment as a component or can have a more pro-active sales role, under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement. The sales agent or distributor will be in charge of looking for potential customers in his territory, among his local contacts, that have needs in process heating. The partner should have needs in process heating for integration of the French company’s heating solution in machinery or equipment? If the partner is a potential distributor or sales agent, he should be well introduced in any kind of industries with needs in heating of fluids (water, oil, air etc) in their process.


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