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French company specialized in research, development and manufacturing of custom-made and innovative nutritional products is looking for manufacturing and commercial agreements

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French company specialized in customized and innovative nutritional food solutions is looking for manufacturing agreements with companies having their own brand of weight management products, dietary supplements, sport nutrition, healthy diet & functional food (lactose intolerant friendly products, gluten free, balanced diet, organic products). They are also looking for sales partners interested in marketing their know-how and existing range of finished, semi-manufactured premixes in EU.

Offer description

French company specialized in research, development and manufacturing of custom-made and innovative nutritional products and food solutions in dry forms is looking for European partners interested in manufacturing and distribution services agreements. The company provides a fully integrated service to their partners, from formulation to R&D and manufacturing under their brand name or under private label, in the field of weight management, food supplements, sport nutrition, healthy diet and functional food (lactose intolerant friendly products, gluten free diet, balanced diet, organic products, infant to senior nutrition …). Thanks to its experience in international sourcing, they select ingredients in perfect match with the partners’ quality and traceability requirements. Every new “customized” formulation comes with regulation and technological advice (technical, nutritional, organoleptic and economic constraints). The solutions are aimed to the whole family from infant to senior in the quest of health and wellness. The French company also developed a ready-to-use range of finished or semi-manufactured premixes for industrial partners. The goal is to give to potential partners a strong competitive edge on the market to maintain their success and profitability thanks to the French company’s solutions advantages: continuous innovation, controlled nutritional efficiency, homogenous blends, good taste and texture, high production capacities, high quality and food safety. The main packaging types offered are: food can, plastic jar, sachet, sticks, and blisters. And the main forms: powder, flakes, hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets. Potential partners can be directly agro food industrials looking for such know-how, nutritional products or premixes to integrate in their own product processing. Or potential partners can be trade intermediaries (distributors) interested to enlarge their offer and to introduce the French company’s know-how and products to industrials, laboratories or other retail and wholesale companies active in the healthy food industry. The aim of the French company is to find new markets and to develop a new sales network abroad under manufacturing agreements and distribution services agreements.

Innovations and advantages

The French company is a leading manufacturer with 30 years' experience in customized & innovative nutritional food solutions in dry forms. Their strengths are to provide customized full service solutions from R&D, manufacturing, packaging to the product launch. Their direct customers are mainly distributors, with more than 60% of them worldwide. The products are sold in more than 25 countries, are developed and manufactured according to specifications defined with the client and with confidential and exclusive formulas. 20% of their staff works in R&D. The R&D department is at the cutting edge of innovation. The company’s highly qualified and experienced Doctors and engineers carry out and validate research and development specific to customers’ projects in order to launch into the market innovative and high-performance products. They have developed strong partnerships with universities and French chef. They are Member of the French Food Supplements Association (SYNADIET). From control of raw-materials (origin, allergens, GMO status – Genetically Modified Organisms …) to analysis of final products (AFNOR accredited methods - French national organization for standardization), the firm is in perfect agreement with international standards as regarding traceability and quality (HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). They are certified ISO22000:2005, ISO9001:2008, ECOCERT (organic certified), in order to guarantee their products quality and food safety.

Technology keywords

03004001 Agro chemicals
03004007 Pharmaceutics
06001015 Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food
08001005 Food Technology

Market application codes

05008002 Food and feed ingredients
07003002 Health food

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Type of partner sought

The French company is looking on the one hand for reliable business partners / distributors that are interested to introduce their know-how and product range within a well-known, sustainable and reliable sales network. The partner should already have contacts with potential customers in the following area: specialised retail shops, wholesalers, supermarkets and hypermarkets, online selling actors, drug stores, convenient stores, pharmacies, food industries… The partner will also be in charge of identifying new needs of nutritional products and requests on his local market and among his contact database to submit it to the French company. On the other hand, the French company is also looking directly for pharmacies, laboratories as well as food industries that are interested to buy their premixes and interested to integrate it in their processing or to manufacture a new / to develop an existing food product with nutritional value thanks to the French company’s know-how.


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