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French company specialised in water/soil decontamination is looking for exclusive importers for their absorbing preparation cleaning up harmful spills, hazardous soils and any petroleum-based fluids

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French company specialised in water and soil decontamination is looking for trade intermediaries and especially exclusive importers (distributor or sales agent) for their absorbing preparation.

Offer description

The French company is looking for exclusive importers for their absorbing preparation in Europe. They offer distribution rights to companies (distribution service agreement) or are looking for sales agents (commercial agency agreement) which are in a position to build up an effective distribution network in a country for their innovative product. The preparation absorbing oils developed by the company is a pure natural product made from peat, immediately effective, easy to use and has an excellent price-performance ratio: 1kilogram preparation absorbs about 8kg mineral oils, vegetable oils, organic solvents, hydraulic fluids, inks, print colors, paint varnish, lubricants, formaldehydes, hydrocarbons (PCB - polychlorobiphenyls) and blood. It is applicable on ground, solid surfaces and on water. It is lightweight, water repellent and biodegradable. Application is manual or with a power blower. The product is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Storage in dry area, will not freeze and non-combustible. Final user of the product are: hydroelectric power stations, factories, petroleum storage areas, oil refineries, coast guard vessels, supply shops, offshore oil stations, fish plants, printing companies, dry docks, car repair shops, ship yards, machine shops, military, pipeline breaks, airports, service stations. The French company offers exclusivity, permanent large stocks, stable prices, quick supply and longtime partnership. The French company choose these two types of partnerships as, according to their experience on EU markets, it is the best way to develop their presence abroad and a reliable sales network: the local sales partners are closer to the final clients and identify easier the needs. The partners must be able to identify new users among the target list mentioned above or other targets. The targets can be active in many field of industry using oils, chemical industries, inks, varnish etc. and needing to absorb it on water, ground or solid surfaces. The most appropriate partner type would be distributor, wholesaler or sales agent involved in the sale of cleaning products, or chemicals for industries. Finally the partners will be in charge of reporting new needs or expectations on the product properties.

Innovations and advantages

The product has been sold for already 9 years. The traditional absorbing products have a slow action, up to 24 hours, while the French company’s product is effective in only 30 seconds. After absorption, other products give off again the absorbed substances, the French company’s product doesn’t. The French company’s product has an unlimited storage period as it is made of natural, finished, non-toxic and biodegradable fibers. It has an absorption capacity of 600 to 800 % of its volume.

Technology keywords

03001001 Cleaning Technology
10002009 Natural Disasters
10002011 Soil and Groundwater Pollution

Market application codes

06001006 Chemicals and materials
06004002 Heavy oil / shales
06004003 Other Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOI)
08001017 Industrial chemicals
08004004 Other pollution and recycling related

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Type of partner sought

The partner sought is a distributor or a sales agent already active in the environment and/or industrial cleaning and maintenance field, having a large client network needing water/soil treatment solutions.


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