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French company specialised in manufacturing polycarbonate glazing for security, construction, industry, agriculture and materials handling vehicles is looking for sales partners in Europe

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The French company specialised in manufacturing transparent polycarbonate glazing installed in vehicles for operator cabins on security vehicles or on machinery used for construction, public, industrial, agricultural, materials handling and forestry works vehicles or on other special vehicles is looking for commercial agency and distribution services agreement to develop it sales in Europe.

Offer description

The French company is specialized in manufacturing customized transparent glazing installed in vehicles for operator cabins on security vehicles, construction, public works, industrial, agricultural, materials handling and forestry machinery or other special vehicles that are routinely subjected to extremely harsh operating conditions (also cable cars, ski lifts etc.). The company is thermoforming and machining the raw materials PC-Polycarbonat or PMMA-Methacrylate in accordance with the client’s requests for the glazing thickness, the colour, if it’s flat or curved, the anti-abrasion and anti-UV coating selected. The end product are windshield, windscreen or a whole operator cabin including side windows, rear windows, cabin glazing or roof glazing. The glazing comes in two grades: standard, and protected by an anti-abrasion and anti-UV coating. Glass breakage, whether accidental or due to vandalism, is a major risk factor and both endangers operators and threatens cabin safety. That’s why the French company developed the safety glazing which in addition to its proven resistance, in case of a shock, does not shatter and full visibility is maintained, enabling continued operations under the best conditions. It can be installed on all types of vehicles. They developed a new abrasion resistant coating and curved window glazing, which solves the problem of polycarbonate abrasion normally having the effect of reducing product life. Even if plastic will never fully replace glass in some uses it is selected for, in areas subject to shocks, where visibility and protection are mandatory, the use of polycarbonate glazing is most appropriate. It is two times lighter than glass of equal sickness and 250 times stronger. The properties of this polycarbonate safety glazing product make it the most efficient anti-abrasion coatings on the market. Besides it has fire resistance properties and optical qualities valid for both daytime and night-time vision as well as for the «secondary image» or halo effect. The French company can also adapt the thermoforming and machining of polycarbonate to manufacture products designed for the medical industry (lighting in care facilities, hospitals, operating rooms) or parts for aeronautical and train interiors. The French company is looking for distributors interested in enlarging their product offer and to introduce the product to potential final clients: vehicle manufacturers (vehicles mentioned above). Or distributors and companies in contact with public buyers, defense forces in its country. They are also interested in companies having a complementary activity, manufacturing other vehicle parts and interested in enlarging their catalog and in being a distributor of the French company’s products. The French company aims at strengthening their presence in Europe.

Innovations and advantages

The polycarbonate glazing developed by the French company has the advantage to be 2 times lighter and 250 times stronger than glass. It is shatter-proof against: - slingshots - crowbars - paving blocks - molotov cocktails It has a high resistance to scratches and a perfect UV resistance. It ensures also protection and optimum safety against deliberate or accidental glass breakage and the consequences thereof: - injuries - machine downtime - breaking and entering - incentives to vandalism Flat or curved, the glazing has been tested by the most reputable testing agencies and meets ABG (German standard in the automotive industry), R43 (European Automotive Products Regulation) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. Certification varies according to glazing thickness, colour, the extruder used, the polycarbonate itself and the selected anti-abrasion and anti-UV coating. At the customer’s request, the French company can obtain appropriate ECE R43 certification, mandatory European certification for the use of polycarbonate glazing, depending on the location of the glazing on the vehicle. The glazing developed for security vehicles have been tested by the French Ministry of Interior and the French national gendarmerie. The French company won the public tender to supply the French security forces called CRS (Compagnies républicaines de sécurité en France) which is a department of the French Police. They also supply the world big players in forestry and agricultural machine.

Technology keywords

02006001 Materials, components and systems for construction
02006003 Fire Resistance/Safety
02007012 Optical Materials
02007014 Plastics, Polymers

Market application codes

05004002 Rescue and emergency equipment
08001005 Other fabricated plastics
08001018 Polymer (plastics) materials
08003002 Hoists, cranes and conveyors
08003004 Industrial trucks and tractors

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: commercial agency, similar SMEs with complementary activity interested in enlarging & distributing their range of products, having as client vehicule manufacturers, public buyers, defense forces in its country. The partner will introduce the product and will be in charge of developing the sales on his local market. He will identify new clients among the vehicle manufacturers or approach his local contacts. He will also be in charge to identify the need of the clients and to forward the requirements to the French company. The potential partner should be a distributor or a company with complementary activity, already in contact with final clients that can be interested by the polycarbonate glazing product.


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