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French artisanal biscuit-factory offers originals biscuits under distribution services and commercial agency agreements.

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A French artisanal biscuit-factory has created a unique biscuit coming from a traditional recipe from Alsace. This biscuit exists in 57 differents flavours and can be served with coffee, tea, ice, fruit salad, champagne and cocktails but also be used in decoration (homemade desserts, on party tables, in showcases animations, etc.). The company is looking for commercial agents and importers in Europe.

Offer description

Founded in 1996 by a French pastry chef, the company carries on the traditional production of biscuits linked to the research of new flavours. It has created a unique biscuit never seen before. Patience is an essential value to cook this biscuit which looks like a confetti, and which is produced by the meeting between a traditional recipe from Alsace and the poetic spirit of a pastry chef. Besides, the shape of these small biscuits is strangely similar, to the shape of the macaron. The PME’s original biscuit is inspired by a French recipe of the 16th century. For 10 years, the pastry chef has created 57 flavours divided into 19 delicious assortments available in packages of 100 or 150 grams : aromatic plants (Anis - Mint - Bergamot), flowers (Violet - Rose - Daffodil - Mimosa - Poppy - ...), citrus (Orange - Lemon), fruits (Cherry - Raspberry - Blueberry - Strawberry - Apple - Pear - Mango - ...), traditional tastes (Vanilla - Coffee - Chocolate - ...) or bulk assortments. The company uses different types of ingredients to create its biscuits: flavor, eggs, essential oils, dyes, flavorings, sugar, etc. To ensure freshness and subtlety of perfumes and flavours, all the biscuits are prepared and cooked every day according to the demand of customers. The shelf life for the biscuits is 6 months which is different for its other products. The biscuits can pleasantly be served with coffee, tea, ice, fruit salad, champagne and cocktails. They can also be used in decoration (homemade desserts, on party tables, in showcases animations, etc.) The company has other types of more traditional biscuits as meringues, shortbreads, crackers and soft biscuits. The SME has a catalog of its products used to produce quotes to customers. The company usually sends the orders on pallets or by packages. The order price depends on the geographical area and the weight of the order but wholesalers and importers/distributors can have a discount based on their orders. The company is looking for commercial agents and importers in Europe.

Innovations and advantages

The company is a biscuit and chocolate factory who knows well its market and its regional competitors. It stands out from its competitors by a wide range of flavours of these unique biscuits but also with its other products. The company agrees to perform flavour creation studies for its clients. Recently a customer asked for soft biscuits of violet and rose flavours. This new biscuit was only sold to this customer. The different flavours of the biscuits allow creating a variety of biscuits cocktails available in the PME's catalog. The packaging also can be customized, as the labels on the various products. A considerable advantage of the different biscuits is its use by date of several months (from 2 months to 6 months). It is this customer focus that allows the company to stand out. The SME also received a trophy that recognizes companies for their international performance in four categories: new exporter - original international approach - structuring an international service – regional trophy.

Current stage of development

The SME is constantly realizing new biscuit creations to stand out from its competitors. It would like to revisit the famous macarons. It also works on a variety of cookies and shortbreads. New packagings are also being studied to make them more qualitative but also to value the biscuits.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07005002 Other restaurants
07005003 Hotels and resorts
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for distribution services agreements with importers ready to import big volumes. The SME is not really interested in small orders. Largest volumes possible to minimize shipping costs. Commercial agency agreements could be also interested if the agent is really specialized in the agrofood sector. The targeted clients would be: hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, etc. The biscuits are mainly sold in fine grocery stores and hotels in France, Austria, Belgium and Australia but the company would like also collaborate with retailers.


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