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Finnish expert company improving safety and efficiency in the nuclear industry seeks partners in Germany, Russia, UK, France and Sweden

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An innovative expert company from Finland is looking for partners in the nuclear industry in Germany, Russia, UK, France and Sweden to increase their operations abroad. The company's core business sectors are specialised equipment deliveries for nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel production, modelling & simulation, radioactive waste management and nuclear automation. The partnership can be in the form of services agreement or subcontracting.

Offer description

The Finnish company's expertise is in improving safety and efficiency in the nuclear industry. The company has an international clientele and they have a long history in the industry. The company's core business sectors are delivering specialised equipment for nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel production, process simulation, nuclear I&C (Instrumentation & Controls) and radioactive waste management. The team of experts consist of engineers with comprehensive range of backgrounds but all relating to nuclear engineering. The company has an experienced network of qualified suppliers which plays a critical role in implementing successful projects. The company's business sectors: Nuclear fuel production systems: The company designs and delivers comprehensive autoclave systems for UF6 (Uranium Hexafluoride) feeding, transferring and sampling purposes. Radioactive waste handling: The company offers fixed installations as well as mobile solutions for both liquid and solid radioactive waste handling. Fuel handling systems: The company delivers carrying, lifting, transporting and inspection systems of the fuel rod bundles for nuclear facilities. Decontamination: The company offers tailor-made decontamination equipment for different needs in nuclear facilities. For example the company has delivered equipment for decontamination of reactor cavity and spent nuclear fuel transport casks. Nuclear sampling: The company designs and delivers primary circuit water sampling systems to new build nuclear power plants as well as improving the existing systems of the operating nuclear power plants. Modelling and simulation: The company has a long experience in dynamic simulation of NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) thermohydraulic processes and control systems as well as carrying out different kinds of analyses. In addition the company has experience in particle physics calculation which can be applied to radiation shielding, structure activation and criticality safety. Radioactive Waste Management, Decommissioning and Decontamination: The company offers expert and consultation services in the areas of radioactive waste management, nuclear sampling systems, nuclear facility decommissioning planning, and project management. The expert and consultation services can be combined with design and delivery, thus the company is able to provide services starting from the early designs, continuing to commissioning and operating and ending with decommissioning. Automation: The company provides design and system deliveries for I&C modernisation projects in nuclear industry. Typically the I&C design is a part of a larger system delivery which includes mechanical and process design as well. The company is experienced with Siemens, Beckhoff, Omron and Allen Bradley logic platforms and is able to deliver also FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology based systems. The company is expanding their operations abroad and they are looking for partners in the nuclear industry. The partnership can be in the form of services agreement or subcontracting, however any kind of partnership which is seen as a potential business opportunity is considered.

Innovations and advantages

The company's working concept is based on close cooperation with the customer from the feasibility study to the equipment commissioning. The delivery consists of requirement management, designing, manufacturing, testing, installation, and commissioning. Many of the company's equipment deliveries have been tailor-made for each customer's needs. The company has more than 30 years of engineering experience in radioactive waste management. Based on company's long experience in thermohydraulic NPP modelling, it has developed expertise also to modelling of I&C systems. Combining these two areas of expertise the company is able build a comprehensive simulation model of a nuclear power plant.

Market application codes

06002002 Nuclear
08002007 Other industrial automation
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
09003001 Engineering services
09003005 Consulting services

Preferred countries

Russian Federation
United Kingdom

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for a partner with a market access to the European and overseas market areas in the nuclear industry. As the company is expanding its operations abroad, any kind of partnership which is seen as a potential business opportunity is considered. The cooperation shall enable both partners to expand their market share and enrich their know-how by profiting from each other's expertise and experiences.


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