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Finnish company specialized in entrepreneurship education and team learning methodology is looking for agents to represent their services aimed to help closing the gap between education and working life globally

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A Finnish company specialized in entrepreneurship education and team learning methodology offers short and long-term partnerships in order to export Finnish entrepreneurial education and team learning methodology. The Finnish team learning methodology is acknowledged over 20 years as an effective way to bring education closer to the needs of working life. The company is looking for agents to represent their consultancy services towards educational establishment and company clients.

Offer description

The company offers short-term workshops and long-term partnership in order to export Finnish entrepreneurial education and team learning methodology. For a long-term partnership there is a service path available. 1. Training Session: 2-day workshop which will give basic idea about team learning methods and possibility to test the tools in order to develop one’s own organisation. Aimed for everyone interested in the team learning methods. 2. Co-Creation: 4-5-day workshop which will go deeper in the theory of team learning methods, the tools and the process. Aimed for those who are willing to take the methods in use at their own organisation. 3. Start the Process: This is for mentoring and supporting in the process when implementing the methods in one’s own organisation. Containing coach training, support for designing the working environment, curriculum and practical issues of the degree. The length is customisable. 4. Action: This part of the service aims for creating the culture of the new unit, creating common leading thoughts and launching the degree for pilot teams. Containing support and mentoring for marketing the degree for students and giving the tools to continue the degree independently. The length is customisable. Short-term workshops are aimed for those who are willing to develop one’s own organisation with practical methods. The workshops are interactive and based on the team learning methodology. The objective of the workshops is to create and learn new knowledge together. The recommended duration for one module is 4 hours. This will include the theoretical and interactive part. The subjects of the modules can be adjusted to different operational environments and fields of business. 1. Innovation Tools and Creative Process The aim is to introduce the tools and create action in the workshop so that participants can apply the theoretical knowledge into practice. 2. Presentation, Effective Communication and Storytelling as Part of Presentations The aim is to introduce the ideology of storytelling, giving good and interesting presentations and practice a pitch that is brief and on point. 3. Dialogue and Teamwork The aim is to cover team development phases, roles inside a team, giving and receiving feedback and dynamics within team work. 4. Service Design, Creating New Products and Services, Prototyping The aim is to cover the ideology of service design and practical applications of prototyping. It’s recommend to combine this module with the 4-Hour Challenge module in which these tools can be taken to practice and applied to real challenges of the organisation. 5. Creating Networks and Using Them Effectively in Your Business The aim is to cover effective ways of networking and using the networks beneficially. 6. Knowledge Management and Creation in an Organisation The aim is to create understanding of how a community can create and make use of knowledge. Understanding the theoretical part of knowledge creation is the basis for a company to create a competitive edge and transforming the “1+1=2 in to 1+1=3”. 7. Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Attitude in Working Life The aim is to increase the ability of people to see the situation from different point of views and to discuss about what freedom and responsibility would mean in different working-life situations. 8. Leadership The aim is addressing today’s demands for organisational change and to give leaders tools to help creating positive and successful atmosphere. 9. Coaching The aim is to introduce the ideology, tools and challenges of coaching. A coach gives inputs and accelerates the team to high-performance level. 10. 4-Hour Challenge The aim is to try out a short, creative process and test different tools while giving the organisation solutions to existing challenges. It is recommended to combine this module with Module S in order to create a complete understanding of the creative process.

Innovations and advantages

Teamwork experience and skills, self-initiative and an entrepreneurial mindset are the demands of today’s working life. These skills can be acquired in 3,5 years of university studies when using team learning methods. The methods are in use at some universities in Finland and abroad, originating from Tiimiakatemia of the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences since 1993. At Proacademy, the entrepreneurial unit of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, the methods have been in use since 1999. The advantage of this learning model is significant. A graduate has an entrepreneurial mindset, passion for lifelong learning and a useful network. The graduates often find their employers and business partners from within the network. Approximately 96 % of the students graduate on time, 33 % continue as entrepreneurs directly after graduation. 47 % continue as entrepreneurs at some point and nearly all of the graduates are in working life or employ themselves within six months after graduation. A team company can finance a trip around the world, work in >100 customer projects and create >300 000 € revenue.

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The company is looking for agents / middlemen that are able to connect the company with suitable universities and other organisations that are interested of team learning methodologies, new generation leadership, coaching and other services that the company offers . Team learning methodology is an excellent way to differentiate from others and enjoy the results of building the next generation of active youth. The company is willing to give everyone the opportunity to take these tools to use.


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