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Fast growing Bulgarian company offers full private label manufacturing of cosmetic products for manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

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Bulgarian company with vast experience in cosmetic production offers full private label (white label) services for the production of skin care and oral care products. The services include formulation development, design, production, printing of packages, certification, delivery. The company works with innovative active ingredients, offers flexible terms and 100% confidentiality. Manufacturing agreements are offered. Subcontracting agreements could also be negotiated.

Offer description

The company is situated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria; it is established by a team with more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. Their services in offer include complete private label projects with guaranteed 100 % confidentiality, covering the entire process from the concept to the finished product. The professional staff offer guidance through the whole development process – from formulation and design, through manufacture and certification, to the final delivery to clients warehouse. Experienced graphic designers and pre-print specialists will ensure that clients ideas are accurately represented within the packages. A master pharmacist will evaluate and register the products into the European database, ready them for direct distribution. The companies are also able to formulate and certify GMO free, Vegan, Natural and Organic cosmetic products. Product portfolio includes: Skin care cosmetics - facial products (emulsions, gels, serums, mi-cellar water, eye cream), Hand and Body products (Creams, Lotions, Balms, Intimate Care, Shower gel), Sport products (Pain relief gels/emulsions, Cooling and heating gels/emulsions, Anti –cellulite series, Firming products), Men products (Shaving creams, Shaving gels, After shave products, Men care creams), Baby products (Creams, Lotions, Oils, Shampoos), Beard products (Waxes, Oils, Balms). Oral care cosmetics - Toothpastes (Total Defence, Sensitivity, Bleeding Gums, Anti-Caries, Remineralizing, Whitening, Specialty ), Mouthrinse (Fresh Breath, Anti-Caries, Total Defence, Sensitivity, Bleeding Gums, Specialty), Teeth serums and gels (Remineralizing, Whitening, Sensitivity), Babies and kids (Gels, Toothpastes for under 6 years old). Sanitizing products - Hand gels, hand sprays. The potential partner would be a distributor, who would like to enrich their portfolio of products with new own cosmetic brands; or manufacturer who want to expand their existing product lines and pre-test the market with new products with minimal expenses for diversifying the production systems.

Innovations and advantages

Product`s advantages: Following the latest trends in cosmetics, the company is constantly improving their formulas with innovative ingredients such as plant stem cells, CBD (Cannabidiol), enzymes, nanoparticles, organic oils and extracts. They are able to offer personalized and flexible terms to each individual client including custom formulations, low quantities, competitive prices and most importantly – accurate representation of your ideas. Market and partner`s advantages: - competitive prices - professional support - flexibility - 100% confidentiality - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Private label advantages: - Easy to create and develop own brand - Differentiation of the existing products on the current market - Control over the product’s attributes and quality - Freedom and flexibility in pricing - Ability to fill gaps not filled by multi-national brands

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07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual property rights

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The brand of the product will be client's property. The project and all services are confidential.

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Type of partner sought

The process of developing a new cosmetic product include the following 5 simple steps: 1. Description of the product - it`s features and marketing core points. 2. Development of the new formula based on clients requirements. 3. Pre-production samples for testing and approval. 4. Design and print of the product`s packaging and label. 5. Professional evaluation, registration and certification, based on clients` requirements.

Area of partner's activity

The partners would be manufacturers, brand owners that are looking to outsource the production of their existing products. Other possible partners are trading companies who would like to diversify their activity and become a brand owners and, thus, are looking for a manufacturer to produce a new cosmetic products for them. The type of the partnership is manufacturing agreement. Subcontracting agreement is also a possible option.


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