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Family operated linen weaving mill seeks distributors for its high quality linen products and jacquard towels

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Czech, family operated, linen weaving mill with substantial know-how in production of terry loop fabrics and jacquard towels is looking for trade intermediaries/distributors in selected countries. Company has its own design workroom and provides high quality designed linen collections with massage effects for spa, wellness, hotels and home care and offers designed jacquard kitchen towels. They seek distributors and also offer production capacities for subcontracting.

Offer description

Czech linen weaving mill´s tradition dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, its first exports started in 1920. Since those times the company evolved into a modern production facility backed with a tradition of local craftsmanship and design. The company uses some original techniques and know-how to manufacture high-quality products. One of its main focus is on terry loop fabrics as they represent an extraordinary material for massage and relaxation. Terry loop technology gives the products typical properties, such as cool touch, airiness, high absorbency. In addition, they are anti – bacterial and anti – allergenic. Company offers terry loop fabrics in two varieties: either linen both sides, or obverse side linen/reverse side cotton. The company also manufactures jackuard kitchen towels with original design appreciated by customers over the Western Europe, mainly from Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia. Company products portfolio: • Weaving of linen fabrics (plain linen and half linen fabrics, linen terry fabrics, jacquard fabrics) • Weaving of fabrics from bamboo yarn (similar properties to linen fabrics, very soft feel) • Sewing of linen products (spa, wellness, hotel, kitchen, children programmes) • Massage linen terry sets (towel, bath towel, washcloth) • Jacquard towels with original design • Semi linen and linen footage • Collections for advertising purposes - logging and inscriptions products (two colors - woven products, plastic/embossing - woven products, embroidery products) The company seek distributors and partners for subcontracting.

Innovations and advantages

• Long-term expertize in the linen weaving and jackquard pattering ensured by experienced artisans • Own design workroom - complex service from creative design proposal through the technical processing to the finished product. • Premium quality standards (in-house quality control) • Small series • Short product development time

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
07004008 Other consumer products

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Type of partner sought

The company seeks: - distributors (textile wholesalers, retail chains, household stores) to sell company’s products. The partners should have an experience in textile retailing / distributing of small series of designed products. Knowledge and experience of linen fabrics / products would be an advantage. - partners who seek a reliable subcontract partner


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