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Eurostars: An R&D SME with expertise in mobile applications for medical device data collection and analysis (backend & frontend) and an R&D SME as commercialisation partner are sought.

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A Swiss university is preparing a Eurostars proposal. The aim is to develop a system to improve patient adherence to therapy and correct lifestyle during cardiovascular rehabilitation and prevention programmes. The device shall be used as a personalised tracker for relevant parameters. R&D performing SMEs from the medical field with expertise in mobile apps, IoT and wearable sensors are sought for a research cooperation. An SME for the commercialisation of the product will also be required.

Offer description

The objective of the project is to develop a new system (mobile application and personalised system) to collect, store and share data about health parameters that are relevant for patients in cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation programmes. The aim of the project is to develop a mobile application that will gather information (physiological and metabolic parameters) from wearable sensors already present on the market. The consortium, a Swiss university and a hospital have already gained expertise in similar projects. Their expertise includes: - Cardiological medicine - Bio signal processing - Statistical data analysis - Machine learning applied to personalised medicine - Transdisciplinary projects The Swiss consortium is seeking SMEs (R&D performing SME according to Eurostars guidelines) with interest in personalised medicine, medical devices and experience in the EU medical device or therapeutic markets. The SME partner requires expertise in medical/therapeutic device standardisation. The needed technical expertise is in the field of mobile applications, data collection and analysis (backend & frontend), internet of thing (IoT), wearables sensors and electrocardiogram (ECG) trackers. The consortium is also seeking an R&D performing SME interested to commercialise the technology. The Swiss partners will participate in the creation of a consortium for the distribution and the commercialisation. The planned project duration is 36 months. The project will be conducted in two stages. 1. Development of the device 2. Comparative validation The prototype, a multi-sensor platform will be developed to collect and analyse data and to share the collected data remotely. The partners for a research cooperation agreement should come from Eurostars member countries outside of Switzerland. Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by R&D-performing SMEs. The Eurostars call deadline is 13 February 2020. The deadline for expressions of interests is 10 December 2019.

Innovations and advantages

The system will monitor the patient's adherence to pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy, monitor the patient's clinical, instrumental and subjective data and offer numerous suggestions that can maintain the patient's interest in lifestyle. To optimise the medical intervention and improve patient care a constant connection between the reference doctor and the patient (telemedicine) is foreseen. The acquired know-how in the complex research area will allow the participants to develop a new system for possible future applications in other areas. Innovations: - A similar system, tailored for these type of patients does not exist. - The app will be sensor independent. - The app will foster social skills and improve lifestyle. - A strong multidisciplinary approach.

Technology keywords

01004001 Applications for Health
06001012 Medical Research
06001013 Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering
06005004 Remote diagnostics

Market application codes

02007012 Medical/health software
05001001 Diagnostic services
05005010 Cardiology
05007004 Monitoring equipment

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Type of partner sought

The specific area of activity of the partner: The consortium is looking for partners active in the medical device, mobile application and IoT field. To create an eligible consortium, the partner should be an R&D-performing SME from outside of Switzerland. Eurostars guidelines (https://www.eurostars-eureka.eu/content/eurostars-eligibility-guidelines). The tasks to be performed by the partners sought are to participate in the technical development and/or in the future commercialisation. In addition they should help to develop a solid business model, with attention to the requirements for certification and commercialisation needs.


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