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European distributor or commercial partners sought for UK developed, payment operated hair straightening stations

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UK based company is the creator of payment operated, wall mountable hair styling stations for women out of home. Women can simply pay a small fee and receive 2 minutes of hair straightening time. These hair hotspots can be conveniently located in ladies restrooms in gyms, retail stores, airport lounges, corporate offices etc. The company is looking for commercial partners or license agreements with distributors that can place their machines in locations such as above across Europe.

Offer description

The UK based company's research indicates that over 80% of women find the need to touch up their hair when out of home and over 70% of these women would use hair styling station in women's restrooms in various locations. The machines can be either coin/notes operated or contactless/card operated. Machines also have a 10'' LCD screen which can be used to sell advertising space. The hair styling stations are designed and manufactured in the UK and they take up minimal wall space. Width 35cm x Height 30cm and depth of 13cm. The company is looking for license agreements, distributors and commercial agents with good market knowledge and contacts in the European market. Specifically it is searching for specialists in placing these products in the following locations: gyms, spas, airport lounges, retail stores, exhibition centers, shopping malls, casinos, music festivals, corporate offices or any other locations with a large number of female visitors.

Innovations and advantages

The product offers a quick hair straightening. The machines are stylish with innovative design. Moreover, it offers significant revenue earning potential for the right partner. Their machines solve a need and address a demand for busy women on the go. The unique point of the product is that it can be used in a variety of locations, where it is normally not accessible. The product itself has a titanium blades, super-fast heat-up time up to 220 degrees, and adjustable temperature. A smartphone app technology allows customers to find their nearest hot spot for a hair treatment. In addition, the product includes mirror for customers convenience and is designed to accept coin or contactless payments. Every item is manufactured in the UK.

Market application codes

07001005 Sport facilities (gyms and clubs)
07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
07002002 Clothing and shoe stores
07002005 Other retailing
07005003 Hotels and resorts

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for experienced commercial and distribution support as well as license agreements in the European markets. The partner must have extensive contacts in: gyms, spas, airport lounges, retail stores, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and any other venues with a large number of female visitors. They would like a potential partner to be capable of placing significant amount of orders for the product, either for the distribution services agreement purposes or the licenses agreements. The company is also open for discussion in regards to the commercial agency agreement opportunities. It is mandatory for a partner to be fluent in English language.


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