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[EUREKA] A Korean company is seeking R&D partners for developing a Silver Mental Care Platform focused on Depression and Dementia

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A Korean ICT company specialized in infrastructure (power system, cloud, server, etc) and DBMS (Data Base Management System) business is seeking European partners to develop U-healthcare solutions based on Artificial Intelligence under EUREKA Project. This U-healthcare solution is to diagnose and predict depression and dementia using AI speakers. It is through text-mining and voice signal pattern analysis that the multimodal deep-learning concept will detect mental illnesses.

Offer description

A Korean company specialized in building IT infrastructure and providing maintenance service, is currently looking for partners to develop its depression or dementia detecting solution for the elderly under EUREKA project. The company’s past R&D activities include successfully developing and operating vital sign monitoring technology as a part of the Korean government’s R&D project. The new project is to co-develop an integrated depression management solutions with the development of the models that can detect and diagnose geriatric depression and dementia. In addition, the goal of the project is to co-develop and integrate modules for analyzing the pattern of conversation based on voice data of the elderly. The text data converted through the STT module was developed to judge the emotional state of the speaker with deep learning technology. AI speaker is utilized to collect voice data and develop dialogue generation modules, leading to the development of a two-way integrated depression management solution. Depression is diagnosed by multimodal analysis based on deep learning of patterns extracted from dialogue text data and voice data. Dementia is diagnosed using the brain vocabulary map constructed by analyzing the vocabulary in the conversation of the elderly. The company is looking for universities, research institutes (Research) or SMEs (Development) from the EU countries. Each participating partner will contribute to the project by developing a language processing module in their national language. The objective of Research and Development - Developing Emotional Silver Care System - Developing Emotional Content Management System - Developing Depression and Dementia Management System - Commercialization - Pilot Service The Korean Consortium consists of a University research center specializing in artificial intelligence and this Korean company. The roles of each institution are as follows. -Korean company: Developing content management system and healing content for dementia and depression -University Research Center: Developing language intelligence including natural language processing. Also developing dialogue-based dementia and depression detection and diagnosis module The expected role for potential overseas partners is artificial intelligence analysis including system development and natural language processing that could also overlap with each institution of the Korean consortium. Therefore, the consortium hopes to cooperate with developers/manufacturers of HW such as smart speakers, OR, language intelligence research companies in the healthcare field are welcomed. As the company wishes to submit the project proposal to the EUREKA project which application due is on 13th 2020, they intend to limit the issuance of EOIs for partner search to January 15th, 2020.

Innovations and advantages

1. Social effects - Early finding / Early treatment of depression disorder/ Reduction of medical expenses: Since this daily monitoring system detects the onset of depression and dementia and notices signs of depression through daily conversation with the elderly, it is notified to the caregiver and the medical/nursing facility who expect preventive effects and leads to reduction of medical expense. - Elderly Suicide Prevention: It can be used as a management tool of the elderly at high risk for suicide caused by geriatric depression. - Aid for monitoring the elderly with depression or dementia: It is expected to help in understanding whether current counseling or treatment has a positive effect on geriatric depression and dementia. 2. Economic effects - U-health market revitalization: It can help create new business in the diagnosis and prevention of geriatric illness. 3. Technological effects - Diagnosis and prediction of depression and dementia through multimodal deep-learning: Unlike the technology of detecting depression by analysing text data converted through existing STT(Speech To Text) , it is possible to determine the emotional state of the elderly by learning together the data such as the tone of voice, the speed of speech and the average pitch, and realise a model that can quickly detect signs of depression. - Diagnosis using the dialog generation model: The dialogue and voice data generated in everyday life are analyzed to determine the emotional state of the speaker. When depression or dementia is suspected, it is possible to diagnose mental illness through additional scenario-based inquiry. - Providing contents through AI speakers: This solution provides various contents such as music and movies that can aid mood swings and depression by determining the emotional state of the speaker.

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01003003 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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02006009 Other computer services
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Type of partner sought

- Type of partner sought: A consortium of universities, research institutes or SMEs - Specific area of activity of the partner: ICT specialized partners - Task to be performed: Partner will co-develop and verify the models that can diagnose depression and dementia as a deep-learning-based emotional analysis and module for text-data in order to develop integrated depression management solution in the languages of participating countries.


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