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Established Romanian company specialised in civil and industrial engineering, as well as in the distribution of building material offers subcontracting and/ or outsourcing services

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A Romanian company active in the field of construction, interior design and supply of building materials primarily focuses on the implementation of new technologies and the use of new building material systems which increase the comfort, quality and efficiency of buildings. The company is interested in providing subcontracting/ outsourcing services to international partners.

Offer description

The wholly Romanian capital company primarily undertakes general entrepreneurship activities, as well as activities in constructions and building material distribution. Services provided by the company include: building material commercialisation, civil and industrial engineering, metal structures, thermal insulation system installation and decorative facings, waterproofing, manual and mechanic external renders and internal plasters, gypsum cladding, ceilings with bays and dropped ceilings, painting, industrial coverings and self-levelling screeds, paving, geothermal heat pump installations, ‘smart home’ control and automated systems, electrical installations. The implementation of new technologies and the employment of building material systems that increase the comfort, quality and efficiency of buildings represent the main objective of the company. The use of efficient building material systems is achievable due to collaborations with renowned specialised representations in Romania. The required training of company staff for the installation of building material systems is undertaken by specialists of the supplier firms so as to maintain the quality standards imposed by the European Union. The main suppliers with whom the company collaborates are: Baumit, Lindab, Schiedel, Velux, Bramac, Rigips, Viessmann, Helopal, Sika, Coneco, Tegola, Iko, Legrand and Bticino. Building material systems are exposed in the show rooms of the company, where customers seek and find advice on all issues related to the erection of buildings, irrespective of their later assignment. The portfolio of the company includes such clients as: Rewe Group Romania (Penny Market store construction), Winmarkt (interior and exterior completion), Blondel Italia, Wiebe Romania, Lukoil (interior completion, filling stations), Prysmian (interior completion – offices, lockers and sanitary installations), Faurecia (interior and exterior completion) and Apg Development (the construction of commercial galleries, tanks, water reservoirs and a bored well). The company offers subcontracting/ outsourcing on construction projects. The company is interested in joining projects where it can provide foreign potential partners with specialised services in civil/ industrial engineering. This will allow the company to develop its business internationally and enter on new markets.

Innovations and advantages

Since 2006, the Romanian SME has continuously developed as a specialist in the implementation of new technologies and the use of efficient building material systems, thus aiming at improving the comfort and quality of buildings. The company further specialises in responding to all problems raised by the erection of buildings, regardless of their later use (office buildings, industrial premises, residential environment, etc.). The firm is a pioneer in renewable energies. Since 2006 it specialises in the installation of Fighter geothermal heat pumps imported from Sweden, Nibe group. The company also installs wind power station and/ or photovoltaic panel aided electricity production systems, as well as heat recovery systems.

Current stage of development

The company was established in 2006 as a 100% Romanian private ownership and is since managed by a professional team with extensive experience and great dynamics in networking and co-venturing in the civil and industrial engineering field.

Technology keywords

02006001 Materials, components and systems for construction
02006002 Construction methods and equipment
02006004 Installations related to construction (energy, lighting, ..)
02006006 Construction engineering (design, simulation)
02006007 Management of construction process & life

Market application codes

09007001 Construction companies
09007003 Distribution of building products and systems
09007004 Engineering and consulting services related to construction
09007005 Facility management companies

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Area of partner's activity

The company would like to establish long-term collaborations with reliable foreign partners on the basis of a subcontracting/ outsourcing agreement. Type of Partner: Industrial Partner Field of Activity: Civil and Industrial Engineering Role of Partner: The company is looking for partners who need and seek certain specialised services for their construction projects. Partners should be committed to long-time cooperation.


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