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Established provider of lead generation services is looking to partner with technology companies through a services agreement.

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Irish company that is a leading provider of performance based sales services to B2B companies with expertise in technology is looking to establish long term partners through a services agreement. The business provides B2B lead generation services, ranging from appointment setting, content syndication, data acquisition to inside sales support.

Offer description

Irish company that is a leading provider of performance based inside sales services to B2B technology companies is looking for long term partnerships through a services agreement. By working with this company customers gain access to an experienced and energetic high-caliber sales team, each person with a minimum 5 years experience of business to business sales. The company helps partners make informed decisions about go-to-market strategies, including aspects such as target market, marketing to sales hand off process, content needs and sales management activities. The company offers four core services to its partners which are: Appointment setting The company establishes face to face appointments with key influencers in their customers chosen top accounts. Customers only pay for the appointments that they get. There are no service overheads, set up fees or retainers. It connects businesses with the correct buyers. Data Acquisition The company holds an accurate industry leading database of over 11 million decision makers across 20 countries. The records contain industry, company size, contact name, job position, postal address, business phone number and email address. This service includes bespoke data building which involves the company performing research to build a bespoke database tailored to the customer’s sales strategy. A data enhancement service is also included which involves the maintenance of databases through cleansing and validating information to remove contacts which are no longer valid. Content Syndication The aim of this service is to ensure the customer’s leads receive relevant content. This process involves engaging with leads to confirm their interest, obtaining accurate contact information and their acceptance to receive content. The end result is a list of leads who have requested the customer’s specific content. Inside Sales Support The company can manage inbound and outbound lead generation. Highly experienced sales people are provided who understand the customer's business and become an extension of existing sales team. These salespeople take accountability for driving the sales pipeline, revenues and delivering measurable results. The company is looking to establish partnerships with businesses in the technology sector through a services agreement. The desired partnership would be a long term one where the company becomes an extension of their customers inside sales team.

Innovations and advantages

The company has an excellent track record of delivering sustainable, quantifiable and profit driven lead generation strategies to their customers. Working with the company means you gain access to a highly motivated and skilled team of salespeople with at least 5 years experience in the B2B sector. The company has developed long term partnerships with leading technology providers and publishing houses globally that have trusted them to grow their business. Their experience means they have the ability to quickly understand their customer’s products and services making the process as seamless as possible. One of their main strengths is their ability to match their customer’s capabilities with the needs of the end customer. When needs are well qualified with the customer’s capabilities then sales generation occurs much quicker as the customer’s own sales team can focus on closing new business leads as opposed to spending valuable time trying to find new business leads.

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Area of partner's activity

The desired outcome would be a long term partnership through a service agreement with a B2B company in the technology sector where the company would be providing them with one or more of their inside sales services. The company envisages international cooperation as a long term partnership where the company will become an extension of their partners inside sales team.


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