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Environmental impacts assessment consulting services offered to offshore industrial projects’ holders

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This French engineering consulting firm works in the field of environmental impacts assessment. It offers its consulting services to offshore industrial projects’ holders in order to allow them comply with their legal obligations in term of environmental impacts assessments. The enterprise wants to cooperate through services agreements.

Offer description

This French SME is the private subsidiary of a great university settled on the Atlantic coast, which acts as an engineering consulting firm in the field of industrial offshore projects’ impacts assessment. The enterprise is particularly qualified in observing the marine mammal populations. It already cooperates with big French multinationals that develop offshore projects on the Atlantic seashores. The company offers its consulting services in the assessment of the environmental impacts of industrial offshore projects on the marine mammal populations. Those services include : - Preliminary studies or diagnostics: site characterization, marine mammal distribution, ecological value of a site, etc. - Potential impacts assessment of industrial activities on marine mammals - Advise for the reduction of impacts - Survey proposals at different stages of the projects - Development and application of mitigation processes - Delivery of observation methods and protocol courses - Review and evaluation of studies - Framework for environmental assessment Those services respond to legal obligations on impacts assessment that have been established through European directives such as the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) directive, that have been transcribed in all the national regulations of the European Union countries. They therefore concern all the industrial actors that are developing offshore projects in those countries. This enterprise wants to cooperate through services agreements with business intermediaries having the ability to propose their services to industrial project’s holders. Its consulting services apply at every stage of the project. The consultants can travel to the client’s region if requested.

Innovations and advantages

This enterprise is used to work with multinationals on big offshore projects. It is therefore able to comply with strict tender specifications in a timely manner. The future partner will therefore enjoy the reliability and the professionalism of this enterprise. A major strength of this enterprise is its access to the research and development laboratory facilities of the university where it is hosted. Those facilities allow the consultants an access to big data and scientific works / surveys related to the marine mammal populations and other parameters that require mandatory impact assessments for offshore industrial projects’ holders. That is a solid guarantee of the enterprise’s capacity to deliver appropriate consulting services to the final client. Moreover, the enterprise’s experience on working on such offshore projects make it able to deliver reliable advice to the project’s decision-makers to effectively comply with the regulations of the country it is settled. Its consultants’ knowledge on European directives such as the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be a strong asset for the future partner. Then, the efforts made by the project’s holder to mitigate its environmental impacts can be used as a communication argument to promote the project. This is indeed a big value-added of this enterprise’s proposed services. Finally, the enterprise’s consultants are willing to travel on the project’s site upon request of the client.

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02007025 Consulting services
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Area of partner's activity

The enterprise wants to cooperate through services agreements with business intermediaries having the capacity to give its consultants access to offshore industrial projects’ holders. Those intermediaries can be whether private cabinets, public authorities offices or consulting companies involved in the offshore industry projects’ sector.


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