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Environmental engineering consultant specialised in life cycle assessment and preparation of environmental product declarations offers support for product development projects for reliable assessment of environmental performance

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A German self-employed expert on material and energy flow analysis, life cycle assessment and energy audit offers support and consulting for product development, process optimisation and marketing aspects. The consultant is looking for partners from e.g. building & construction, transportation & logistics, renewable materials, chemical or automotive industry, interested in a service agreement.

Offer description

Sustainable life style, future-proof and innovative production, ecological performance – keywords and topics, which need to be addressed in all industries and sectors. In order to meet these requirements, life cycle assessment has become an important tool. A German consultant for life cycle assessment according to ISO 14040/44 and PEF (product environmental footprint) and critical reviewer for respective studies is looking for service agreements with partners from industry. The consultant has extensive experience in the preparation of environmental product declarations (EPDs) and is also accredited verifier for EPDs. The consultant is already listed and approved in the expert database of the European Commission (Research & Innovation – Horizon 2020 Funding; http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/experts/index.html). Moreover, the consultant provides energy audits according to EN 16427-1, energy end-use efficiency and energy services directive. The self-employed consultant has been involved in many international projects (Austria, Belgium, US) and has been responsible e.g. for life cycle assessment and environmental product declaration of e.g. floor coverings, luminaires, pipe insulations etc. Long year experience enables flexible adaptation to the partner’s project according to necessary requirements and adequate effort for the specific issue. The goal is the transfer of know-how and thus the empowerment of the company to proceed independently in the longer term. Relevant industry sectors are: building & construction, chemical industry, renewable materials, transportation & logistics, automotive and others. The consultant offers support on the total process of the analysis: -introduction into the topic, -data collection support, -calculation of appropriate impact categories and key performance indicators, -integration of software tools, -documentation, presentation of the results, -workshops for empowerment of clients' employees. The consultant is interested in service agreements with large as well as with small already established companies as well as with start-up companies and offers support for product development projects for a reliable, quantitative assessment of the environmental performance.

Innovations and advantages

The consultant has many years of experience in international projects in a great variety of industrial sectors and offers support on the total process of the analysis including a wide range of services: - Use of expert software tools: application of software under consideration of project scope in terms of number of participating sites and project duration - Use of sophisticated methodologies independent from company/project size and specifically adapted to the actual needs: application of suitable level of detail; balance of preciseness and pragmatism; modular approach - Flexible network of experts for special know-how and depending on capacity needs available cooperation with client's experts and additional external experts, depending on specific situation in terms of know-how and time schedule - Consulting goal is the empowerment of the client to establish a continuous improvement process involving integration of workshops and know-how transfer

Technology keywords

04007001 Energy management
10002006 Ecology
10002007 Environmental Engineering / Technology
10002015 Life Cycle Assessment

Market application codes

09003005 Consulting services
09007004 Engineering and consulting services related to construction

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought: Flexible for any type of partner; large, small, established, start-up, R&D project - Specific area of activity of the partner: Mainly manufacturer, product development, but also service providers - Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: The partner is responsible for data collection while development of an innovative product and/or while process optimisation. Environmental performance needs to be a key indicator for the strategic orientation of the partner.


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