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Ecological microorganism suppressing symptoms of mycosis, disturbing biofilm and eliminating harmful microflora offered for distribution

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A Czech biotech company developed a special preparation that kills over 20 families of causative agents of skin fungal diseases. It also disturbs biofilm on heterogeneous surfaces and eliminates microflora from objects. On completion of its job it disappears with no side effects. Successfully employed against fungi, yeast fungi and bacteria on skin and nails. The company seeks partners either from pharmaceuticals or cosmetics for distribution services agreement or for financial agreement.

Offer description

Skin fungal diseases represent persistent problem in every society. It is particularly serious that they are usually transmitted not only by a direct contact between sick and healthy but also through the objects infected by the sick. Treatments of dermatological diseases are difficult, lengthy and some of them also pretty persistent. Nowadays, methods of treatment are based mainly on antimycotic’s drugs, to smaller extent chemotherapies are applied. Both approaches represent relatively aggressive forms of treatment as they usually have impact not only on targeted pathogen but also on handicapped person´ tissue. Other examples of aggressive treatments accompanied by problematic contraindications include uses of antibiotics, antimycotics and hormones. Above mentioned chemical treatments are often complemented with cosmetics containing chemical ingredients as well, so the skin affected with mycosis is exposed to excess of chemicals. New solution: Excess of chemicals, hostile to skin, has provoked search for methods, respectful to skin´s characteristics. One of such researches started some thirty years ago and was targeted to Pythium oligandrum – a strong mycoparasite that is dangerous to many fungi and bacteria. It actually parasites over 20 families of causative agents of fungal diseases. Variety of products is also capable of: - suppression of symptoms committing inflammations of buccal caxity, psoriasis, varicose ulcers bed sores, atopic eczema, acne, feet mycosis and other fungal and bacterial skin diseases. - Disturbing the biofilm on heterogeneous materials used in human and veterinary medicine - Elimination of microflora virtually from all objects that are being touched by a human. How the invention works: Predatory parasite, a subject of the invention, uses its fibers to draw the nutritive substances out of the parasite (that may be fungi, yeast fungi or bacteria) thus committing its death. After the attacked parasites are destroyed, the mycoparasite pulls out from the place of action and encapsulates for a possible future while it makes no harm to the skin (actually, it is not capable to adapt to the skin´s environment). Enzymes produced by the predatory parasite are hostile even to bacteria that feed themselves with nutritive components produced by microscopic fungi. As fungi are on predator´s menu list, the shortage of nutrition halts propagation of the bacteria and leads to putrefactive processes. Areas of use The invention can be used as a principal ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, further also as a cleaning agent in household products. Futher, it can be used in products to eliminate fungi from walls, for disturbing of biofilm on heterogeneous materials and for elimination of microflora on objects that are touched by humans or animals. Application fields - Foot mycosis - Periodontitis - Non-healing wounds (e.g. diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers) - Skin disorders (e.g. psoriasis vulgaris) - Vaginal candidiases The company seeks partners either from medicine or cosmetic for distribution services agreement. As they plan to go for medical tests in order to make the invention usable in pharmaceutical industry, they seek financial agreement, as well.

Innovations and advantages

- Cleans human body and environment from fungi, bacteria and yeasts - Natural product (chemicals-free), non-toxic fighter of 20 families of causative agents of fungal diseases - No resistance - No overdosing - No adverse effects - Age flexibility, safe for immunosuppressed, sensitive individuals - Large scale of applications in medicine and cosmetics

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07002001 Drug stores
07002005 Other retailing
07004002 Health and beauty aids

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The company seeks partners either from medicine or from cosmetic for distribution services agreement. As they plan to go for medical tests in order to make the invention usable in pharmaceutical industry, they seek financial agreement, as well.


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