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Dutch SME providing transport services, logistic warehouses and hub services is offering a commercial agency agreement and/or subcontracting

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The Dutch logistics company offers its services including worldwide transport, customs matters, warehousing, picking and hub services, and its facilities to companies wanting to introduce and distribute their products/services in Holland. Potential clients are producers, and suppliers of products from sectors such as healthcare, cosmetics, consumer and retail, pharmaceutical, etc. The SME is looking for partners to establish a commercial agency agreement or a subcontracting.

Offer description

Since 2006 the Dutch SME is providing transport services, logistic warehouses and hub services. They can offer experience in the field of warehousing, air, sea, road freight and, customs matters. The company has a warehouse strategically located close to the most important Dutch highways to provide coverage to their clients’ needs. The warehouses have a total capacity of more than 40.000 pallets .The storage location is prepared for industrial storage, and dry food storage. These installations have picking systems and they act as a hub receiving merchandise from all over the world and prepare them to be delivered in Europe and the rest of the world. They also provide with cross docking and loading / unloading containers services. Their warehouse is equipped with integrated security systems that allow them to provide high value products storage service. The company uses the latest innovative information technologies and they continuously invest in improving and establishing new systems in order to offer the best quality service. The company also has a freight company which offers the following services: national and international cargo & distribution, and pick-up anywhere in Holland ADR transport (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). Being a medium size company does allow them to offer very personalized services to companies that require specific care and attention due to characteristics of their products. The company made first steps in providing expedition services to neighbouring European countries and the reverse way. These first contacts in this market is successful and the now to follow strategy is to expand and find structurely clients in the European area. The service & product portfolio is supplemented with a wide palette of possibilities, such as expedition, customs and forwarding agent facilities. The goal of the intended co-operation is expanding the business network, sharing knowledge & know – how, creating new dynamics that eliminate the existing weak links and extending the present reliable logistics services. The SME is looking for an agent to represent its services, or parties to who they could assign to act for them. Therefore the SME is interested in establishing ac commercial agency, or a subcontracting agreement.

Innovations and advantages

In comparison to prevailing competitors the SME is: Experienced in organizing logistical operation in the territory of Europe and Asia. Fully lisened and certified as official "Authorised Economic Operator" The SME offers full process controlso value added solutions are offered. Able to execute rework-projects,like labelling, country localization and (re) packaging.

Market application codes

09001001 Airlines
09001006 Airfield and other transportation services
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

Intellectual property rights

Other (registered design, plant variety, etc)

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Area of partner's activity

The potential partner could be a European or international trading, manufacturing or services company that are interested in long distance transport services. The SME is looking for partners (producers, distributers), that are in need of procurement warehouse and transport services in European area. In order to be able to communicate the partner must speak at least English or German. The cooperation on basis of a commercial agency agreement, or a subcontracting agreement. Exclusivity is negotiable.


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