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Dutch representative of micro/nano bubble generators is looking for business partners in Europe

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Dutch trading company is specialized in the sale of micro/nano bubble generators that are used to solve micro and nano bubbles in liquids, mostly in process water. The company is official distributor for Europe, but it is looking for European partners /sub-distributors, who want to resell the bubble generator in their country or in a part of their country.

Offer description

Dutch official representative for Europe of a Japanese multinational provides mechanical seals, seal products, valves and pumps. One of the products the company is bringing on the market is the micro/nano bubble generator. The micro bubble generator is using a simple method to solve micro/nano bubbles in a liquid. This bubble generator uses the properties of the vortex pump turbine and effectively solves gas with a liquid or two liquids, and adding it under pressure into a process. No compressor, no injector, no static mixer and no big pressure tank needed. Performance of 0.4 MPa = 4 kg/cm2 = 4 barg discharge pressure. Ratio air/water mixture = 8%. Among other, the generator is applicable for clarifying, for the removal of pollution, for the recovery of suspended crystals and other solid parts and all other applications where dissolving air/gas is desired. It can also be used for efficient mixing of gaseous products in fluids. Applicable sectors: fish breeder calibrate / fish processors poultry companies / meat processing industry breweries frozen food processors potato and vegetable processors pig farms paper mills textile mills refineries spray paint chemical plants petrochemical plants pharmaceutical companies heat treatment companies sewage treatment plants drinking water glass works steelworks and many other applications where process water is present. For this micro/nano bubble generator the company is looking for partners in Europe. Offering a sub-distribution partnership in which the partner will have the opportunity to sell into a framed market (framed by country, market, industry, geographical). It uses exclusive distributorships

Innovations and advantages

A special impeller makes that it can be used for continuous operation. It is compact, lightweight and space-saving, as the use of an ejector, static mixer, pressure tank or compressed air is unnecessary. It optimizes the contact between medium and gas by the increase of pressure. This pressure also contributes to a better and more efficient resolution. It is simple to use, easy to control and to maintain. Alternative solution for the mixing of: • (Sea) water and air • (Sea) water and oxygen • (Sea) water and ozone • Water and carbon dioxide • Water and hydrogen gas • Water and nitrogen • Chemicals and / or different gases The micro bubble generator includes several features: • suction • mixing and dissolving • transferring

Market application codes

08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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Area of partner's activity

Prospective partner is a sub-distributor who will act independently with support of Dutch company. Role of partner sought: trade company in the field of waterworks and experiences with pump and mixing technology.


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