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Dutch development company of innovative catamaran motor yacht is looking for agents in Northern Europe, Austria and Switzerland within the framework of an commercial agency agreement

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A Dutch company has developed with specialized Dutch partners a composite catamaran motor yacht. The 12 m motor yacht can be used on inland lakes but also coastal areas (CE category B). It distinguishes by its spacious flat floor interior with 360 degree view, highly efficient propulsion system (full electric possible), comfortable cruising and possibilities to customize propulsion, layout and finishing. The company is looking for agents and dealers in Northern Europe, Switzerland and Austria

Offer description

In the international leisure yachting market there is a growing need for green sailing and customizable spacious ship interiors. That's why this Dutch entrepreneur together with professional partners from the maritime leisure industry developed a composite catamaran yacht. In this development he also involved renowned companies from the regular interior/furniture sector. The catamaran concept offers a spacious flat floor experience aboard and low power needs due to the two narrow catamaran hulls. The moderate width of this catamaran motor yacht (12 x 4,90 meter) is tuned for use on inland lakes and waterways. But it is also suitable and certified for sailing in coastal areas (CE category B). The spacious flat floor creates flexibility in the floor pan and enables the application of high end regular (kitchen)furniture. The company is looking for dealers and agents in the field of yachting but also holiday real estate in Northern Europe, Austria and Switzerland, within the framework of a commercial agency agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The main innovation of this yacht is that is extremely energy-efficient due to the combination of the catamaran concept and an innovative (hybrid) propulsion system. With the 100% electric version it is possible to sail a full day electrically giving the experience of a sailing boat. Compared to other mostly from big sailing catamarans derived motor catamarans the moderate width and height of this catamaran make it very suitable for cruising (narrow) inland waters and sailing under bridges. Within the catamaran concept a spacious flat floor creates flexibility in the floor plan and enables the application of high end regular (kitchen)furniture. Extensive possibilities for customization of propulsion, layout and finishing are also distinguishing aspects of the yacht in meeting customer wishes.

Current stage of development

August 2016 prototype is available for demonstration

Technology keywords

02009005 Shipbuilding
02009006 Traction/Propulsion Systems

Market application codes

07001002 Amusement and recreational facilities
07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
07004007 Mobile homes
07004008 Other consumer products
09001007 Other transportation

Intellectual property rights

Trade Marks

Preferred countries

Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partners sought: company, SME Specific area of activity of the partner: agent in the field of luxury yachting, broker of holiday real estate. Task to be performed by the partner: promotion and marketing of the catamaran yacht / the brand; able to advice clients how to create the optimal living atmosphere aboard; in depth knowledge of maritime aspects is not necessary. Customization of the yacht by the Dutch partner in direct contact with the client.


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