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Dutch company looking for agricultural companies in dry climates with a need for clean water

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A Dutch company has developed two self-sustaining systems, powered by renewable energy to supply large volumes of water for drinking or irrigation purposes. The company is looking for large agricultural companies in dry climates, interested in using one of these systems to satisfy the company's water needs. Types of partnerships sought include commercial agency agreements, financial agreements and or license agreements.

Offer description

A Dutch company, active in the production of clean water using renewable sources, has developed two systems to produce and purify water. The air-to-water system works by removing moist from the air and converting it into water for drinking and/ or irrigation purposes. By installing a turbine, which forces air through a heat exchanger, the air is cooled and condensation takes place. When the temperature drops below its dew point, water droplets are formed and collected in a water storage container. Warm ambient air in particular may contain large volumes of water. The water-to-water system removes salt and other impurities from brackish, dirty water. It utilises a thermal process, similar to the multi-stage flash and multiple-effect distillation, but in a unique hybrid process that utilises a membrane as well. The process is known as multi-effect membrane distillation. Both systems are of particular relevance and interest for the agricultural sector located in dry climates. These systems are capable of providing water to communities where water is scarce. Depending on the size of the community, one or more units can be deployed as appropriate. The systems are powered by a wind turbine. To optimise the amount of energy available for water production, the company also offers wind/solar and wind/ electricity hybrid powered systems. The height of the system ranges from 25 to 35 meters and the rotar size of the wind turbine powering the system ranges from 19 to 25 meters. Trade Partners or investors are sought, operating via a license agreement, financial agreement or a commercial agency agreement.

Innovations and advantages

Both systems are energy efficient, self-sustaining and cost effective. Cooling the air in the air-to-water system requires relatively little energy resulting in providing large volumes of water. The systems are scalable and are available with booster applications to combat low wind, and also easy to install. Once all parts are on site, the systems can be erected within two days and fully comissioned within a week. Transport of the systems by ship and maintenance is also relatively easy. In addition assistance can be offered from the Dutch company when installing the system(s).

Current stage of development

The technologies have been tested during the past few years and have proven to be reliable and efficient.

Technology keywords

04005 Renewable Sources of Energy

Market application codes

06003003 Wind energy
08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems

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Area of partner's activity

The Dutch company is looking for companies in the agricultural sector in dry climates, interested in utilising these systems in order to satisfy the company's demands for clean water. Trade Partners or investors are sought, operating via a license agreement, financial agreement or a commercial agency agreement. The company offers assistance in the installation of the system and maintenance is relatively easy.


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