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Dutch company active in LED light adaptation for classical chandeliers would like to meet business partners for trade

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A Dutch manufacturer of LED candles for chandeliers and candelabras is looking for partners in trade and installation. The company specializes in LED candles to be implemented in historical settings using existing historical chandeliers to be modified to accept a LED candle. The manufacturer is interested in new partners active in lighting technology maintenance of heritage. The company offers commercial agreements with technical support for long term co- operation to business partners.

Offer description

A Dutch company, active in the development of LED candles for heritage application is interested in meeting new business partners for trade and technical co operation. The company specializes in adapting classic chandeliers and candelabras to be modified to LED candles without losing the ambiance and presentation as originally intended. The LED candles include also a wiring products to convert to electric lighting without losing the historical design of the chandelier by using low visible wiring in brass or silver like colour. The product and the expertise of the company helps to preserve and enhance the distinctiveness of the building or chandelier. New product development include LED candles with integrated battery that can be charged in a battery charger bank and than placed in a chandelier. This product is specially designed for rooms were no electricity is available to the chandelier. The company is interested in meeting new business partners that are active in heritage conservation or service heritage in technical advise, support and installation of electric installations and will act as an agent or distributor. Co operation will include technical support and share of expertise in the framework of a commercial agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The following advantages are met using the LED candles: - Maintaining the classical design of the chandelier - LED candles are designed to look and light like wax candles - Independent on number of lights - LED candles with integrated battery for of grid use - Light colour can be software configurable - Original candle light from red amber to warm white - Color rendering index of 95 or higher - Connectable to standard dimmer switch - LED driver is integrated in the candle - Reduction of electrical failure in the chandelier - Reduction of heat in lighting chandeliers / building - Reduction of electric load in the system - Reduction of energy cost - Cut back on insurance cost due to more save product

Technology keywords

03010 Household Goods & Appliances
11007 Sports and Leisure

Market application codes

03004003 Other electronics related equipment
07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner sought: The company is interested in meeting new partners that are active in maintenance of historical and public buildings, specific in lighting, preservation and electrical installations. Partners should be active in trade, installation and service to these building or historical heritage. The new business partners should have experience in restoration or fitting of electric equipment / lighting products. Role of partner sought: The partner should be able to carry out the promotion, sales and after sales of this product in their network or with national heritage consultancy as an agent or be able to distribute the product to the local market to end users being consumers or professionals. Also sub contracting where clients abroad are to be serviced by a local partner to carry out the installation of the product and service at site would be considered as an option. There will be technical support from the Dutch SME to assist in quotation, technical layout and realization, advise, delivery and support at site. The Dutch company offers contracts in the framework of a commercial agreement or distribution services with technical assistance with the aim to broaden their network and market for this high quality product. Product has the following specifications: - LED candle type 1 colours are 2300K, 2700K, 3200K or 4000K - LED candle type 2 adjustable from 1800K to 3000K using red and amber LED elements - Electric power on 230 V AC or 3 V DC - LED candle drivers for 230 V AC application can be mounted up to 50 meters from the chandelier - LED candles are available in different length, custom adjustable - LED candles are dim-able from 0-100 %


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