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Dutch chemical company seeks distributors for their metal surface pre-treatment chemicals

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This Dutch company operates in the field of chemicals and they develop, manufacture and supply high quality metal surface treatment chemicals. These chemicals are used as a pretreatment prior to powder coating and wet painting. They also have products for anodizing. For their range of products they seek distributors that have preferably experience in the related fields. A distribution services agreement is offered.

Offer description

The Dutch company develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of metal surface pre-treatment chemicals used in batch process, spray, bath and cascade application systems. Pre-treatment is an essential process on aluminium, hot dip galvanized steel, steel and multi-metals products that are coated or anodized to provide a durable and attractive finish. The products of the company are known for their high performance in ensuring paint adhesion and corrosion protection. Most of their products are certified according to or meet international standards such as Qualicoat, Qualisteel coat, GSB and MIL. Their range of products include: • Degreasers, etch, etch additives, desmut/neutralisation, chromate based products and chrome free products as well as a range of paint-strippers. • A range of products that assist and improve the anodizing process. • Chemical brighteners, de-anodizing, anodizing additives, etch, electro chemical and organic colouring, sealing, electro polishing. • Passivation treatments, that are applied in-line, form a barrier to corrosion and form a suitable layer for post painting operations Potential markets are: • Powder coating applicators, • Galvanizing companies with own coating facilities, • Machinery equipment builders with own coating facilities, • Anodizing plants, • Etc. For their range of products they are looking for distributors that have preferably experience in related fields. A distribution services agreement is offered.

Innovations and advantages

The key selling points of their range products are: • One of their specialties is chromium-6 free pretreatment. • Their products have proven to exceed the current market standards in chrome (VI) free chemical pre-treatments. Supported by independent tests executed by the German based IFO research institute. • The company is approved by Qualanod and Qualicoat/GSB for its anodizing and powder coating products. • They have their own R&D department with state of the art laboratory. Guaranteeing innovative products and continuous development. • They are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

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02007003 Ceramic Materials and Powders

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08001007 Coatings and adhesives manufactures
08001017 Industrial chemicals

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Area of partner's activity

The Dutch company is looking for distributors or sales representatives with experience and a relevant network in dealing with the related products or a strong will to acquire this knowledge.


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