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Dutch agent of fire safety products for ICT, industry, retail, (auto)motive and offices is looking for agents and distributors

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Dutch SME with exclusive rights for a range of products aimed at fire safety and security is looking for commercial partners in Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and Russia. Fire extinghuishers, gas-based extinguisher services for computers and servers and tailor made products are offered to companies interested in commercial agency or distribution agreement.

Offer description

This Dutch SME has exclusive rights in Europe for a range of products all aimed at fire safety and security. The manufacturers of the products are family run and have been established in the 1970's and 1980's and are well established in their home markets. The Dutch company offers 3 major product ranges: 1) Standard fire extinguishers working with powder, foam, CO2 or gas from 1 kg to 12 kg which are used handheld as well as mobile ones up to 50 kg for airports and petrol stations. Besides national and European (EN) certificates, the products have additional German (MPA Dresden), Belgium (Apragaz) and Dutch (Kiwa) certificates as well as marine certifications. Within the fire safety industry there is a business standard known as a 43A 233B C extinguisher. This standard expresses the effectiveness of an extinguisher to eliminate a fire. Whereas most suppliers need a 9 kg extinguisher to comply with this standard, this company's products achieve this standard fire rating with a 6 kg extinguisher, due to high quality powder. As a result competitive pricing can be offered. At present 100.000 of the standard 1 and 2 kg extinguisher have already been sold to the automotive industry and have been fitted into cars. 2) Gas-based extinguishing systems for computers, servers etc. This fire-safety device for protection of computer server racks is comparable with the current industry standard for this product range. The device is equipped with special Japanese non-magnetic sensors and a unique multi-exit gas-pipe to ensure that not only new hard discs are protected but also the older ones won't be damaged as the gas flow stays at 86 dB max. This product can be used in any IT environment, including industrial and production halls. A well-known telecommunications company is currently using his system in GSM (global system for mobile communications) antenna-base stations to protect the computer server of ground-based GSM antenna-infrastructure. 3) Tailor-made fire-safety solutions for industry and the military for windmills, industrial production equipment or vehicles. Examples of tailor-made products: - Designing, building and service provision of systems that protect industry gear-boxes and engines. For a major international company producing CFRP (Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) and using Butavox a system was designed to stop any fire in this risky environment, automatically and within seconds. - Designing and building of a systems that protects the 'box' on top of any windmill has also been a recent project. - Suppling governments and the military/police with systems that protect against engine fires in cars, trucks, busses, light airplanes, ships and any military vehicle. The company is now looking for established and financially stable distributors, importers and agents for these products in Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and Russia . Exclusive agreements are also possible under certain conditions.

Innovations and advantages

The manufacturers of the products supply to well-known AAA-class customers and governments, both civil and military; within the EU and NATO with a range of certificates, homologations and under ISO-certification. All products are 100% EU-made. Due to high quality powder a 6 kg extinguisher provides the same result as many 9 kg extinguishers on the market. Aside very high quality competitive pricing is offered.

Technology keywords

02006003 Fire Resistance/Safety
10001 Safety
10001003 Fire Safety Technology

Market application codes

01006002 Mobile communications, pagers and cellular radio
03008001 Military electronics (excluding communications)
06003003 Wind energy
08002 Industrial Automation

Preferred countries

Russian Federation
United Kingdom

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Area of partner's activity

The Dutch company is looking for different partners per product range. For the standard fire extinguishers the company is looking for partners that have established contacts in retail and wholesale (like for example Aldi, Lidl, ADAC/RAC, etc). For the 1 kg car extinguisher the company is also looking for automotive suppliers. This care extinguisher might be especially interesting for Belgium where such extinguishers are mandated. Likely partners for the standard business extinguishers (43A 233B C) are companies providing technical support services or companies active in facility management. For the product range providing IT/computer server protection the company is looking for partners who already have the contacts in this field. There is a special interest for companies that supply telecommunication companies ("telco's") with the server rack protection for their GSM antenna-base stations. Likely partners for the tailor made products are industrial companies both suppliers for safety products as well as industry itself. All partners should be established and financially stable companies, who already either supply fire safety products (or related) or who already have business relations with potential customers.


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