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Distributors sought for microscope-based automated cell reader analyser with a range of specific software for cellular detection and characterization

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A French company, based in Paris, has developed an innovative microscope-based automated cell reader analyser with a range of specific software for cellular detection and characterization. The proprietary patented software offers the best performance for cellular biomarkers detection, identification and validation in cytopathology testing and oncology research. The SME is looking for distributors able to sell the products in their standard version or customized to the client’s needs.

Offer description

French company, based in Paris, specialized in image analysis systems for cellular analysis, has developed an innovative microscope-based automated cell reader analyser with a range of specific softwares for cellular detection and characterization. The main applications are : a-) cytopathology labs and central labs offering advanced cancer testing : - Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) as a predictive biomarker. - cervical cancer LBC (Liquid-Based Cytology) screening. - cyto-pathology tests for oncology in vitro diagnostic & eventually theranostic. - oncology cytogenetic in vitro diagnostic, b-) ageing & wellbeing check-up centers and Centers of Disease Control (CDC) : - DNA damage evaluation for early cancer detection, ageing population biomonitoring and environment risk assessment. c-) health economy issues worth solving : - cytopathology tumor markers assessment, - companion tests for cancer personalized treatment. - DNA damage assessment for early cancer detection and health biomonitoring. - comprehensive solution for cervical cancer mass screening, - smart remote pathology for better expertise sharing and patient benefit. The French SME is well-known for many reasons : - it is a leader in its field of expertise with reference customers worldwide including "blue chip" companies. - the founder & CEO of the SME is an internationally recognized expert in quantitative imaging with a highly experienced scientific & technical team. - several key opinion leaders and medical reference advise the management. - the products are certified Medical Devices 98/79/EC for In Vitro Diagnostic, and it is good laboratory practice compliant. - the company led and participated in 6 European R&D collaborative consortia. The product range is implicitly validated by third party experts. The SME has already a chinese network (laboratories) and an important installed customers-base in China. The SME is currently selling in Europe and Asia. The SME is looking for other distributors. The SME is looking for partners able to sell the products in their standard version or customized to the client’s needs. The European and Asian markets are specifically targeted.

Innovations and advantages

Compared to the other microscope-based cell image analysis systems, the SME's solution offers: - higher accuracy and reliability (sensitivity: 90% to 99%; specificity: 85 to 95 %), - cost efficiency gain up to 20 folds per test, - easily scalable for high volume up to hundred tests a day per system, - compatible with a range of In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) consumable, - rich data output (hundreds of parameters) for better treatment management and advanced oncology research. The SME’s technology differs from other existing solutions in the following ways: - all-in-one turnkey solution compared to existing complex cellular imaging systems, - modular systems, - validated at large scale for DNA damage bio monitoring on at risk population, - detection and fine characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC).

Current stage of development

The french SME is continuously adapting its software and hardware configurations to the market needs and applications.

Technology keywords

06002002 Cellular and Molecular Biology

Market application codes

05001001 Diagnostic services
05001003 Differential diagnosis
05001007 Other diagnostic
05002005 Other medical imaging
05007006 Computer-aided diagnosis and therapy

Comments, number and date of patent

The SME technology is US patented and covered by Copyrights worldwide. All IPR are owned by the SME.

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Area of partner's activity

The sought partners have to be: - Well introduced on the market of medical research and routine cell & tissue sections analysis. - Able to understand specific needs of clients in order to ask specific developments to the SME (tailor-made product). The partner will act sometimes as a business engineer and will provide if necessary support services and train to local clients to help them set up and use the microscope-based automated cell reader analyser.


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