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Distributors sought for in vitro diagnostics equipment for automated liquid based cytology (LBC)

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A French company specialised in instruments for laboratories, in vitro diagnostics and automated systems particularly used in the field of cytology, gynaecology, obstetrics, cancer prevention and treatment, has designed and developed an in vitro diagnostic system characterized by an automated solution for automated liquid based cytology. It seeks distributors involved in medical device and equipment, laboratories instruments to commercialise their laboratory instrument in new countries.

Offer description

The French company is the designer and manufacturer of an in vitro diagnostics automated system for liquid based cytology to prepare slides for examination in cytopathology. It seeks distributors to commercialize abroad this very innovative instrument. With 30 years of experience and market knowledge, the company is a leader in laboratory instruments, in vitro diagnostics and biotechnology sectors. The functions and innovations of this medical equipment are following: - The in vitro diagnostic equipment, by reading bar codes, ensures the connection between slides and vials. - Turbidity can be directly read inside the tip. - Depending on this, the instrument automatically calculates the correct amount of liquid to be placed on slide. - A first mild centrifugation approachs the cells of the slide. - Liquid is then drained, up and down, to remove the maximum amount of impurities (mucus, pieces of membranes, blood). - A second faster centrifugation, glues the cells to the slide, and then dries them. - For each slide, all parameters are recorded: barcode, turbidity, date, time,protocol, etc. This file is available anytime to help the clients during the certification 15189. The in vitro diagnostics instrument strengths are: - Easy reading of slides: no cell clusters, cells clearly separated and without deformation, cell concentration automatically calculated by infrared measurement, large dimension of the rectangular spot. - Its automation and cadence allow technician to save time (more than 40 slides per hour). - Protocols for gynaecological as well as non-gynaecological samples. - No contamination risk (single use tips) - Complete traceability of sample from extraction until drying process. All data are stored and available, risk of user error is detected and reported. - Easy to use (touch pad): only 2 hours of training is required for users. - Adaptable to different consumables and laboratory organizations. - Optionally, it can be equipped with a GSM system indicating remotely in real time the consumption, and thus, manage stocks of consumables. - Proposed for purchase or reagent rental.

Innovations and advantages

Regarding the company: The company is a partner of major distributors with more than 8000 instruments installed worldwide. It brings to its clients an added value because it has acquired know-how and technological expertise resolutely focused towards laboratory instrumentation, with a design production site located in the heart of the industrial basin of medical device, watchmaking and micro-technology. The company helps its distributors in maintenance, after sales services, advice and technical assistance according to their needs. It develops with its distributors a business relationship of trust and proximity. The company has been developing strong competencies and values respecting industrial rigor, innovation and cost control, quality insurance. Regarding the in vitro diagnostics instrument: Compatibility with all consumables of the market. - Adaptable to all types of vials media and stickers. Traceability: - Complete traceability from the beginning to the drying process. - Labeling sit up according to the codification of the laboratory. - Printing labels on its specific printer. - Labels resistant to paint and xylene. Protocol adaptability: - Possible change of all settings. - Intuitive software. - Creation of special protocols. - Creation of non Gyn protocols. Quality insurance: - ISO 9001 - ISO 13485 - CE IVD marking Large sized spot: - Simplification of screening. - Great cellularity.

Technology keywords

06001003 Cytology, Cancerology, Oncology
06001005 Diagnostics, Diagnosis
06001009 Gene - DNA Therapy
06002007 In vitro Testing, Trials
06002008 Microbiology

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04009 In vitro Testing, Trials
05001002 In-vitro diagnostics
05001006 Prenatal diagnostic
05004005 Diagnostic equipment
05004006 Surgical instrumentation and equipment

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Type of partner sought

The company seeks distributors involved in the field of medical fields, laboratories instruments and equipment. The clients and end users can be clinics and hospitals, obstetric and gynecology clinics or professionals who want to get advanced diagnostics for anatomopathology and especially liquid based cytology (LBC). They can be too clinical laboratories, healthcare centers, research centers and laboratories, medical analysis laboratories, medical centers specialised in the treatment of cancer diseases, universities, researchers specialised in cancer disease. The future distributors will have to help the company in increasing its turnover abroad, to access to new markets, to find new customers in a long term and reliable collaboration.


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