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Distributors sought for high-end audio turntables

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A small Greek company is producing high-end vinyl turntables. The products are designed and produced in order to fully satisfy the owner with acoustic performance and quality. The Greek company is looking for high-end audio retailers for distribution agreement or audio equipment companies for a licence agreement.

Offer description

A small Greek company has developed a new line of unique vinyl turntables for accurate music reproduction. The turntables deliver superior audio compared to many other high-end turntables of the market due to their innovative design and precise fabrication. The company has followed an innovative way to suspend the platter of the turntable. Instead of using exotic materials, the company decided to design a hybrid platter suspension with magnetic & conventional techniques combined. The company is also used innovations in armboard housing (able to fit all arms with lengths between 9-12 inches) and an electronic speed control of the platter (with very low distortion, less than 0.1 %). The turntables are hand-made with luxurious finish. The turntables are available in two models aiming two different market segments: - A 47 kg turntable aiming the musicians and studios that require extreme natural analog audio - A 27 kg turntable aiming the home audio enthusiasts The company wishes to find high-end retailers of audio equipment willing to discuss a potential distribution agreement for the turntables. The company is also open to negotiate about a license agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The hybrid bearing of the platter has been developed after more than 2 years of design and testing. The company uses aluminium plinth & platter, combined with magnetic suspension. The armboard is coming in two plates, the main & secondary in assembly. The armboard allows the easy installation of any tonearm available in the market, between 9-12inches. The placement of the tonearm can be micro-tuned for more precision. The electronic speed control of the turntables is very advanced and allows automatic or manual operation. In the manually-operated mode, the speed remains locked in the memory and is observed with the smaller divergence. In the automatic mode, the detection of "actual" rotation speed activated. Via micro photocell, which is placed under the platter, it checks rotation speed (58 times per rotation) and compares it with the reference speed, correcting the speed if necessary. The divergence in rotation is less than ± 0,1 %. The overall acoustic performance of both turntables is extremely high. Positive testimonials from sound experts are available.

Current stage of development

Product concept consists of 2 models-sizes. The discreet design is targeting high end customers by using exclusive materials,( aluminum plinth, aluminum platter) and electronics components for system design.

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The Greek company is looking for high-end retailers abroad in order to reach a distribution agreement. The retailers should preferably be experienced in the high-end audio market and having an established suitable clientele which appreciates quality and audio experience over price tag. Partners interested also in a license agreement are also of welcome. In this case, a well-established high-end audio company can have the turntables under their own brand while the products can be fabricated in Greece.


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