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Distributors sought for an innovative inflating device for bikes

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A French company specialized in the conception, design and marketing of original products has developed and commercialized an innovative inflating device for bicycles. It is refillable and uses the energy generated by the bike's motion to produce compressed air, offering as a result total autonomy. The company is looking to establish distribution agreements with wholesalers and retailers across Europe.

Offer description

This French company specializes in the conception and marketing of innovative ideas from design and market research to product development and commercialization. They have produced the first fully autonomous inflating device consisting of a compact refillable capsule with compressed air, a miniature air compressor and an energy convertor. Thanks to its patented technology, it offers a new alternative in the shape of a multi-purpose tool enabling cyclists not only to inflate their bike's tyres but also to set their air forks and shock absorbers to the right pressure. The originality of the device lies in how it harnesses the energy created by the bike's movement to produce and store all the air that it needs, achieving full autonomy. Generating 11 litres of compressed air at 49 bars, the system can cater to all bicycle types (mountain, hybrid, riad bike etc.) whereas an additional version, suitable for use with tubeless tyres, is also available. The capsule can be refilled as often as desired. The company is seeking to establish distribution agreements with wholesalers and retailers.

Innovations and advantages

The device is: - Easy-to use as it effortlessly inflates tyres, tubeless tyres and shock absorbers to exactly the desired pressure. - Rapid. Riding at 15 Km/h, the capsule gets refilled in just 6 minutes and it inflates tyres in 5 seconds. - Compact and light, yet robust. It only weighs 270g and is made from high quality materials such as aluminium and carbon fiber. - Practical and convenient, it can be removed and reattached in oneeasy step as and when needed. - Modern and aesthetic with a contemporary design and sporty lines. - Eco-friendly, containing no harmful gases or chemicals, just compressed air. The company: - Is a competent, multidisciplinary and multicultural team of six. Four nationalities, six languages spoken and the energy and drive to make their product a worldwide sales success. - Managed to raise a very significant amount of money through crowdfunding, a serious indicator of the product's potential, attractiveness and appeal to a wide public. - Has won a series of innovation awards. - Achieved important media coverage for their product with, among others, a feature on a nation-wide public TV show dedicated to consumer trends and innovations.

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for partners willing and capable to distribute its products in Europe and beyond: wholesalers, distributors, retailers. The sought partners should either operate in the general sports and leisure equipment sector or specialize in the bicycle sales business. Depending on their profile and sales experience / record, the French company may consider granting them exclusive distribution rights. In terms of marketing, the partners will be expected to build the right stategy to meet their local market's trends and needs. They will benefit from and - depending on the market - have to adapt promotion material already available.


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