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Distributors sought for a universal perforation-resistant system for tyres

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A French innovative cluster has developed an efficient perforation-resistant system for all sizes of pneumatic tyres and other flexible enclosures such as flexible tanks for civil and/or military applications. The cluster is seeking companies interested in a partnership for a distribution agreement.

Offer description

The French cluster is specialized in rubber and polymers sectors. It supports small and medium size companies, to increase their levels of innovation and employment. This cluster covers four regions and 70% of French employees in the rubber sector. This cluster is a member of the European Tire and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association with the aim of developing innovation partnership. One of the industrial members within the cluster has developed this new and universal puncture-resistant system. Its main component is a coated textile membrane which prevents any leakage of fluids materials such as gases or liquids in the event of perforations or cuts of the flexible enclosures e.g. every kinds and sizes of tyres and/or flexible containers. The French cluster is looking for a distribution agreement with companies specializing in tyres distribution.

Innovations and advantages

This puncture-resistant system works thanks to: - An airtight and flexible perforation-resistant membrane attached to the remote edges of the tyre tread by means of airtight adhesives or by any other molding process and which is able to move easily laterally and vertically along the inside of the enclosure even under a force of pressure. - A greater meridian length than that of the flexible enclosure. - Such a membrane is made of a perforation-resistant woven or non-woven fabric thanks to its high tenacity fibers materials and coated with airtight flexible polymers. - A layer of ultra-light pressure-resistant lubricated micro spheres or non-adherent materials such as, but not only, PTFE, PU, dry lubricant (graphite).

Technology keywords

02007005 Composite materials
02007014 Plastics, Polymers
02007016 Rubber
02007018 Advanced Textile Materials

Market application codes

08001004 Fibre-reinforced (plastic) composites
08001009 Speciality/performance materials: producers and fabricators
08001018 Polymer (plastics) materials
09001005 Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts

Intellectual property rights

Patents granted

Comments, number and date of patent

Patents: Europe (13 countries), Brazil, Canada, China (People’s Republic of), Hong-Kong, India, Japan, Russia (Federation of), U.S.A.

Preferred countries

Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA

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Area of partner's activity

The ideal partner would be a company specializing in tyres distribution. Potential distributors may be from these areas : automotive, construction trucks, military trucks, farming machines, forestry tractors. The cluster is seeking companies interested in a partnership for a distribution agreement.


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