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Distributors or licensees are sought for a multi-parametric measuring system, widely used in many sectors of food and biotech industry

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A Slovak progressive high-tech company acting in the field of biotechnology and nanotechnology, focused on the research and development of sensors and biosensors has developed a multi-parametric measuring system which can be widely used in many sectors of food and biotech industry. Partners are sought to cooperate via license agreement or via distribution services agreement.

Offer description

A Slovak high-tech company acting in the field of biotechnology and nanotechnology has developed a multi-parametric measuring system - the compact amperometric analyzer which can be widely used in many sectors of food and biotech industry. This company was established in February 2007 by a group of researchers with extensive experience in the field of biotechnology, nanotechnology, analytical chemistry and bioanalysis, material engineering, electronics and microelectronics. Since its foundation, the company has been actively collaborating with many national and international R&D institutes. In 2012 the company obtained a certificate of competence to perform R&D released by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. As of today, the company is focused on seeing through the implementation of successful business ideas and plans into reality. This currently means "portable laboratories" dedicated to wine production, food production, brewing industry, juice production, and so on. Comparing to already existing devices, these are individually functioning measuring systems, which do not require any additional equipment. The huge advantage is, that the result of analysis is available in several minutes from turning-on the device. Operation of the device is simple, understandable not only for experts, but also for laicus. Above mentioned technology - compact amperometric analyzer - consists of the device, the biosensor and the measuring kit. It is equipped with the bipotentiostat for two simultaneous measurements by double biosensors. The device measures from 1 to 10 important analyses in wines and fruity musts (Glucose, Fructose, Malic acid, L- Lactic acid, Glycerol, Alcohol, Acetic acid, Total acidity, Free Sulphur Dioxide, Gluconic acid, D-Lactic acid, Sucrose, Reducing sugars, Methanol). Measurements are performed directly in 1.5 ml micro tubes placed in a rotating hole by interchangeable biosensor inserted into static probe. The instrument is controlled by touch screen. Technical parameters: Manipulation: one button Measuring principle: Enzymatic amperometric; Electrochemical bio/sensors Measuring time: from 4,5 to 8 min depending on analyse Power supply: from a 230V network through 9V adapter Watt consumption: 2W Dimension with/without probe: 8x14x15 cm/20x14x15 cm Weight: 1.2 kg Application: Oenology sector, Food & Beverages sector, Spirit production, Hydromel production, Brewing industry, Fruit and Vegetable processing, Coffee industry, Dairy industry, Bioprocess monitoring, Biofuels Nowadays, the company is looking for partners to cooperate with via license agreement or via distribution services agreement. A transfer of rights involving the authorization to use the technology in return for fee or share of royalties is offered via a license agreement. The client is also looking for a distributor to sell its products. These types of cooperation were selected, because they fits todays cooperation requirements of this company in a most suitable way. In 2013, this company has established very successful cooperation (distribution of this device) with a Spanish company as a result of EEN Partnership Opportunity Database activities and we believe, that the huge potential of the technology will be interesting for foreign partners again.

Innovations and advantages

The device belongs to a line of portable laboratories. It is a self-operating system that do not require any additional measuring equipment. They are designed to allow the measurement of parameters in samples of different origin, and even in no laboratory premises. Operating the device is simple to understand not only for professionals but also for the general public. The device was developed according to the latest technologies. It is the result of a successful aggregation of biotechnology, nanotechnology, green chemistry, microelectronics and precision mechanics. The device is characterized by very simple one button manipulation. Typical feature is a determination of variable amount of parameters (from 1 to 10). The measured analyses are chosen by customer from the list of optional analyses.

Technology keywords

06004 Micro- and Nanotechnology related to Biological sciences

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04007 Enzymology/Protein Engineering/Fermentation
04017 Micro- and Nanotechnology releated to Biological sciences

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Type of partner sought

- Type of partner sought: industrial partners - Specific area of activity of the partner: no preference of specific activity of partners for distribution services agreement. For license agreement - preferably biotechnology, nanotechnology, agro sector, wine industry. - Task to be performed by the partner sought: License agreement - a transfer of rights involving the authorization to use the technology in return for fee or share of royalties. Distribution services agreement - according to the previous success of this offer through POD database, we believe, that another business could be done via distribution services agreement. The device was successfully distributed to Spain as a result of POD database activities.


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