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Distributors or agents needed for innovative education and rehabilitation tool for children and adults from Poland

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A team of Polish engineers developed an interactive tool dedicated to education and rehabilitation. The product is produced in the EU and the technological process is provided with ISO 9001. It is a technologically advanced device for children, adults and the elderly, for training, rehabilitation and fun. It is ideal for speech therapy, language learning and for gymnastics. The company is looking for business partners to enter into commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

Offer description

This product is unusual interactive tool designed by Polish engineers with twenty years of experience in the entertainment of children. The tool facilitate the work of teachers and help students in active participation in lessons at all levels of education. It is a useful educational aid that offers a wide range of games, quizzes and arranged educational situations directed at contributing to psychomotor development of children. The tool is integrated with a set of 85 exercises, games and motion activities, designed for children of preschool and school education. It is exactly education through movement, by using hands, legs and feet. Additionally the device is perfect tool for rehabilitation of adult people and the elderly. This tool works perfectly in: 1/ education and fun – for schools, nurseries, kindergartens and playgrounds 2/ at schools for children with special needs, as well as in all medical centres (as a support tool in neurological rehabilitation of children), and 3/ in centres for aged people (a therapy for aged people, for therapeutic and rehabilitation activities). The device is produced in European Union and it is available in many languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish. On request all programs are available in customer language. The product has met with great interest and the company has sold many devices in Norway, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Netherlands. Now the company is looking for distributors or representatives abroad to reach more potential customers. The company is interested in establishing two cooperation types: 1) distribution services agreement – the company is looking for distributors to sell the company’s products, 2) commercial agency agreement- the company is looking for agents that will be responsible for representing the client’s products.

Innovations and advantages

- The tool meets all safety requirements- there is no elements that can be potentially hazardous for children using it, like movable guides and mirrors, overhung cables and wires - The technological process is provided with ISO 9001 - The company provides 2 years or 4000 working hours of guarantee - The company received a number of awards for its products from schools, children, parents and institutions supporting innovations - The tool is very easy to use and popular in every place where children are present: nurseries, kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, therapeutic and rehabilitation centres, shopping centres - More than 85 games are available. Special sets for: fun, education, and rehabilitation, - All in one solution eliminates standard problems with keyboards, mousses, etc. All actions are done by remote control

Technology keywords

11002 Education and Training

Market application codes

02007010 Education software
05010003 Patient rehabilitation & training
07005004 Education and educational products and materials

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for sales partners located in countries where sales in planned, with good knowledge about market. The partners will be responsible for seeking new customers. Possible partners could be distributors of equipment for primary schools, therapy centres and rehabilitation, entertainment, shopping centres, museums, hotels, restaurants and fast food, advertising management. The possible forms of partnership are commercial agency and distribution services agreement. Under distribution services agreement a potential partner is expected to buy and sell the company’s products on its own markets using its own distribution channels. Any issues concerning payments for such a cooperation will be discussed and established during negotiations between partners. Under commercial agency agreement the potential partner is expected to represent the products of Polish company and the payment to the agent will be made in the form of a commission.


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