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Distributors and commercial agents sought for organic bamboo bedding which provides relief to menopausal symptoms, eczema and asthma

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A UK SME specialised in the manufacture of bed linen for individuals suffering from health conditions, long term illness and physical disability seeks distributors and commercial agents for a unique range of 100% bamboo linen, organically grown, which has particular health benefits for asthma, eczema and allergy sufferers and menopausal women experiencing night sweats and hot flushes.

Offer description

The long established UK South West manufacturing company specialises in bed linen designed to support independent living and those living with long term health conditions. Ranges include linen that supports easy movement, turning and repositioning to help people with Parkinson's disease, arthritis, back problems or other debilitating conditions. The company has introduced a new range of linen and bedding protection made from organically grown bamboo from viscose. The silky soft linen gives the impression of a 1000 thread count, is 3 times more absorbent than cotton and is naturally anti static and anti fungal. The unique fabric is highly dust mite resistant and offers significant health benefits particularly for people suffering from allergies including eczema and other irritating skin conditions, asthma and bronchial conditions. The ultra absorbent fabric provides relief from night sweats and reduces the potential of over heating and is particularly suitable for women experiencing the effects of menopausal change. Mattress protectors in soft micro terry bamboo are 100% waterproof, fully breathable and highly absorbent and cause no consequential sound from movement. All products can be made to fit any bed size including cots and children's beds and are suitable for any international market. Distributors and commercial agents are sought with established channels in the healthcare, anti allergy, independent and assistive living sectors, pharmacies, charities and retail chains to increase international sales.

Innovations and advantages

• Organically grown and Oeko-Tex 100 certified bamboo viscose • Supersoft- feels like a silky cotton. • Bedding protection is Certified by the Medical Entomology Centre UK Independently tested and confirmed as a total barrier against dust mites and most importantly their allergens which are the most common causes of skin nose and eye irritation. • Super absorbent fabric provides relief from night sweats and over heating

Technology keywords

03005007 Textile fibres
03010 Household Goods & Appliances
06001022 Medical Textiles

Market application codes

05003001 Therapeutic services
05007003 Handicap aids
05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
07004002 Health and beauty aids
07004004 Housewares

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Area of partner's activity

Partners should be distributors and commercial agents who operate in the healthcare, allergy, independent and assistive living equipment sector. Partners will be required to market and sell the product to retailers, wholesalers and/or end users such as charities, care institutions, self help and support groups and/or be prepared to make contact with organisations that offer product advisory services to people with relevant conditions.


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