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Distributors and agents sought by Turkish company for fermented food products, olives, pickles and sauces

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A Turkish company specialised in manufacture of fermented food is looking for distributors and agents which have good relations with large supermarket chains and wholesalers through all European markets.The company produces widely consumed food products such as pickles, olive and sauces with high quality standards and delivers to the local and national supply chains. The products provide all Turkish and European food and health standards.

Offer description

The company was established in Adana/Turkey. The company in the industry and experince gained over a period of 40 years, It produces widely consumed food products all around the world pickle, olive and sauces with the brand. It has brought to Turkey the first ,unique, latest technological factory with a production capacity of 10,000 tons annually in european standart. It designs diligently everything from infrastructure to machine park, quality of the salt, water and supplementary materials and the technology which are used and accepts raw materials to its own factory with the same care.They keep under control the whole process from the cultivation of vegetables until reached the factory and for the purpose of using the highest quality and healthy vegetables, they work with the leading experts with the awareness of " Quality Raw Material = Quality Product " Performed the purchase of the raw materials by the methode of "Contract Farming", It obtains quality food products by selecting the top quality raw materials under the control of agricultural engineers and food engineers in the field and factory. The company is focused on quality to adopt production process to meet specific customer needs and wants.All production processes and activities of the company are performed in accordance with ISO 22000 quality standart and supervised and documented by internationally accredited institution Bureau Veritas. Engineers take replicate samples from each line of the production and protect them in dark record office until expiration date. To improve customer satisfaction and to expand the range of flavors It continues to studies of R&D and P&D with experts. The company is producing fermentated vegetables in Adana region. Some of the major HSE codes of the products are 200110 - 200190 - 200490 - 200570 and has a capacity to produce according to customer's specs. Product Features are; mixed pickle, hot baby pepper pickle, gherkin pickle, hot pepper pickle, sliced jalapeno pepper pickle, natural black olive, brined vine leaf. The company is already in Turkish market and works with different clients especially with supermarkets and whole salers also foreign trade experience within the European Countries. The company is looking for distributors and agents in European countries.

Innovations and advantages

Main principle of Turkish company is to meet customer expectation and has brought to Turkey the first, unique, latest technological factory with a production capacity of 10,000 tons annually in european standart. The company has ISO 22000

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07003002 Health food

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The company is looking for experienced trade intermediaries and distributors in European Countries. The company would like to expand its current activity to other countries and it offers its brand to foreign companies specialized distributing food, which can act as distributors or commercial agents. They are expected to find new companies and keep in close with them. Turkish company would like to build a sustainable cooperation


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