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Distributor sought who is interested in selling equipment for pole aerial photography

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Profile type: Business offer


A Dutch company has developed a tool to take aerial images easy and quick without high costs. The camera can be fixed to a sturdy carbon fiber mast and be controlled wirelessly using WiFi. Live view from the ground is possible via an app on a smartphone or tablet. The photo mast is easy to use, very light to carry around and offers lots of possibilities to various user groups. To increase growth abroad the company is looking for local partners interested in a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

Aerial photography offers a lot of possibilities to different user groups like professional photographers, inspectors and law enforcement officers. Aerial images give a good overview on a crime scene, accident scene or archaeological excavation. Real estate images from above are more beautiful because of augmented depth of the image and increase fast sales in the real estate industry. It also saves time and lower costs of (roof) inspections and investigations. The Dutch company has developed and manufactures the photo mast that makes aerial photography up to 6, 8 or 10 meters possible within one minute. The photo mast is attractive to different professional user groups: - Police officers: To collect trace evidence on a crime scene from above and capture difficult terrain in an overview image with ease. - Building inspector photographers: To perform inspections at height without the use of ladders or other tools and making it easy to demonstrate the work executed to customers without unnecessary climbing. - Press photographers: To take press photos without annoying frontal obstacles in any situation, without missing a single piece of the action. - Event photographers: To take unique overview images from each event creating unique images above the crowd. - Real estate photographers: To distinguish themselves by providing aerial images for architecture and landscape photography to customers. - Sports photographers: To create unique aerial game images of any sporting event. In the Netherlands sales are growing fast and the company sees more business opportunities worldwide. The photo mast is sold successfully worldwide and shipped from the Netherlands to many countries in the world. To be able to offer future customers the attention required, the company is looking for new local distributors, interested in collaboration within the frame of a distribution services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The photo mast has a high customer satisfaction: - is quick and easy to use. - the solid sturdy construction is made with the best materials available - is handcrafted in the Netherlands - includes a rammount holder for smartphone or tablet and has a tilt head to fix the camera - has optional WiFi wireless remote controls The user groups can be found in a lot of professional organizations.

Technology keywords

03003 Apparatus Engineering
09001005 Mechanical Technology related to measurements

Market application codes

01001004 Other commercial communications
02005018 Other peripherals (not elsewhere classified)
09002002 Real estate
09003002 Advertising and public relations
09003006 Media related services

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for distributors with good contacts and access to: - national police organizations - historic preservation, heritage preservation or heritage conservation - real estate brokers - real estate photographers - archaeologist organizations Especially in Europe, the United States and Australia. The company prefers to collaborate within the frame of a distribution services agreement.


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