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Distribution partners sought to market a novel portable training device for competitive sports and rehabilitation

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A German SME offers business partnership to market its internationally patented portable pull resistance system for coordination and speed training for competitive sports and rehabilitation. The device is equipped with a continuous resistance control that allows the precise adjusting to the individual strength and capability of the athlete or patient. The company seeks distribution partners or commercial agencies in Europe and beyond for long-term collaborations.

Offer description

A German spin-off company, which was recently founded from a certified company with a long track record in manufacturing and developing of medical devices, such as cardio and strength training equipments, is looking for distributors and commercial agencies for its new training device, which shall be introduced to the European and international sports market. The cooperation partner should already have an established clientele in the sports sector. Training for fast starts in sprint-type races can be intensified by calling upon the runner not only to produce high acceleration forces, but also to overcome a restraining force. The conventional solution to produce a restraining force is to use elastically stretchable straps connected at one end to the runner and at the other end to a support; the runner then runs a short sprinting distance while stretching the straps out lengthwise. The innovative portable pull resistance system for coordination and speed training with articulated suspension enables not only linear sprints, but also lateral movements with constant resistance throughout the movement. Thus, it helps to significantly improve both inter- and intra-muscular coordination. The heart of this mobile system is an internationally patented brake system that allows for continuous resistance adjustment. Thus, it can be precisely adapted to the different capabilities of every single athlete. The intensity range is displayed on an easy to read scale, which enables a quick stress reconstruction. The athlete is connected to the device with a rope over a roller beared belt system, which provides an unlimited range of motion. It makes it a perfect multidimensional device for therapeutical and sport specific movements, e.g. in conjunction with other therapeutical devices. Thanks to the continuous resistance adjustment, the device can be used for young athletes as well as for elite athletes. But the system is also suitable for rehabilitation and prevention. It can be used for locomotor training and walking training in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. Another highlight: The resistance system can be easily mounted on a wall mount as well as on a stand, so the system can be used for indoor as well as for outdoor training.

Innovations and advantages

• easy to handle and suitable for indoor and outdoor use • continuous resistance adjustment • multidimensional motion thanks to 180° rotatable suspension • cable travel: 22 m • training vest with shoulder harness for optimal speed training • 360°-belt for rotation and plyometric exercises • patented brake system

Current stage of development

The device has a market approval as a sports equipment (EN 957-1). Further development and certification as a medical device according to international, European, or national legislation standards is possible.

Technology keywords

06001008 Environmental Medicine, Social Medicine, Sports Medicine
06001020 Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Technology
11007 Sports and Leisure

Market application codes

05003006 Other therapeutic (including defibrillators)
07001004 Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes
07001005 Sport facilities (gyms and clubs)
07002005 Other retailing

Comments, number and date of patent

European Patents granted, PCT/DE2012/100392

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Type of partner sought

The ideal cooperation partner has already an established clientele in the sports, health and rehabilitation market, and possesses a strong background in marketing strategies and national approval procedures. Target groups are: • Sports education organisations, training • Sports clubs, fitness and leisure centres • Rehabilitation and health organisations, clinics • Physiotherapeutic organisations Further business conditions: Products are manufactured at the companies’ facilities in Germany according to quality management system DIN EN ISO 13485, and shall be shipped to the partner country. Sales of minimum number of units per year and prices are negotiable.


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